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It feels good to eat well (and healthy).

Food provides us with nutrients to create the energy to run our bodies, to nourish our bodies. What we choose to eat either supports this energy production or depletes it.

The Nourishing Way


To strengthen is to build up, to develop, to improve, to promote and to make stronger.

Our strength comes from our bodies and our minds. It is a physical, emotional and psychological balance.

The Nourishing Way


To nurture is the act of caring for or protecting something or someone.

It is to help develop and to grow. It is in essence the act of providing nourishment.

Ready to feel energetically lifted?




Gut Healing Cookbook

Containing 11 low reactive recipes perfect for lunch + dinner, to enjoy whilst healing your gut.

Each recipe is designed to lower gut inflammation allowing your digestive system to work at it’s best!

Behind The Nourishing Way

Kirsty Taylor

Inspired by my own health challenges, I founded The Nourishing Way, to empower others to live a life that makes them hum through connecting + reading their bodies.

I’m a degree qualified nutritonist (BHSc Nut) with a love for all things ‘woo-woo’! I love playing detective unravelling the ways to help you to feel energetically lifted.

With a holistic, scientific + individualised approach, I help others tap into their bodies inner wisdom to heal + grow through combining wholefood nutrition with energetic healing.

Your path towards a life that makes you hum

The Nourishing Way


Sustain : Strengthen : Nurture

The Nourishing Way is your path towards an abundant life that literally makes you hum from the inside.

There is no one size fits all way to nourish your life. Each one of us is uniquely different. Our values, our passions, our pasts and our presents all contributing to the wonderful humans we are.

The Nourishing Way is designed to help you find the best way to nourish your life in a simple and effective way. And the best part…. Its YOUR path! Remember the choose your own adventure books? This is exactly like that. It’s your adventure to choose. You decide what route you take to be your best self.

Maybe you will explore the way food and all it’s glorious nutritious goodness can help you feel energetic, alive, light and literally allow you to glow from the inside?

Maybe you want to bound your way down the path to strengthen your body and mind, build up your passions and promote the glorious, wonderful you?

Or are you going to take a wander through the ways to nurture your soul, cherish the connections as humans we need and keep alive those values we hold so dear?

To live a nourished life your path will be constantly evolving and changing. This is not a “21 day, quick fix plan”. This is a journey you will follow throughout life. We need to stop telling ourselves the BS that our lives should be a certain way.

Is it always going to be perfect? No. Is it going to be hard some days? Yes. But for the most part life should make you happy, fulfilled and literally HUM from the inside. In doing this you may decide to focus on one, two or all three of the ways to nourish your life.

Whatever path you choose you will find inspiration, guidance and the tools to help you live an abundant life – The Nourishing Way.

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