Find Your Hum : The Podcast

Have you ever felt it…?

That excitement, that hum, that reaches into the very base of your stomach and makes your whole body feel alive!

Well your life can feel like that.

Each week I’ll be sharing ways your personal wellness journey can lead you a life that literally makes you hum.

We’ll be diving into all things health, nutrition, mindset, connection, spirituality and relationships to encourage you to be courageous and brave with your life and most importantly unashamedly you.

Together Let’s Find Your Hum!


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You are what you listen to.


Episode #11: One Year Ago Today: Uni Reflections

 Today marks a year ago that I finished uni. So I am sharing with you reflections that I have had looking back. That day a year ago came with so many mixed emotions. Those have come back up again. As I am a strong believer in our emotional + mental health being just as important as our physical health to lead us to a life that makes us hum, I wanted to share this with you. It’s usually something I leave for the blogs, but today I am opening up the vuneralbility and sharing it with you here on the podcast.


Episode #10: Supporting your fitness + movement goals: Recovery

Did you know it is possible to back up day after day to train for whatever your fitness + movement goal is without burnout, without that heavy muscle feeling, without constant colds or sore throats, without depleting your energy…?

Yep it absolutely is. And the key… Your recovery.


Episode #9: Period gone missing? You could be experiencing Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) is often misdiagnosed or even undiagnosed + hence the need to bring awareness to this condition.

Claudia’s the most gorgeous soul on every level. Her energy, her nurturing nature and her accent just make me melt! She is a wealth of knowledge in this subject and also shares her own personal story with HA.


Episode #8: Supporting your fitness + movement goals: Could your stubborn fat loss be trying to tell you something?

This is not just for the ‘athletes’.

So why the focus on fat loss? If you are having trouble shifting stubborn fat it is a good sign that you body is not working optimally. And in this episode we cover some of the key reasons you may be struggling to hit your goals including hormones, the thyroid, stress + gut health.


Episode #7: Disordered Eating: Exploring your relationship with food with Nina Kingsford-Smith

This is not an episode about eating disorders such as Anorexia or Bulimia. We dive into disordered eating in all it’s facets. I would be surprised to hear of anyone who hasn’t experienced some form of disordered eating behaviour or habit in their life, and yes that includes you guys…. Definitely from us Gen X’s onwards.



Episode #6: Men’s Health: Testosterone More Than Sexual Function

June is Men’s Health Month and I wanted to do my bit towards helping raise awareness of some of the health problems that exist and what we can do about them.

Yes testosterone has very significant effects on reproduction but it also plays a key and vital role in better muscle strength and gains, a faster metabolism and fat loss, more energy, better sleep, improved sexual performance, and protection against health problems like a heat attack, colon or prostate cancer.


Episode #5: Finding Your Ordinary Life + Loving It with Leanna McNeil

When I recorded this episode I was left with whole body tingles. And re-listening to it I had the same feeling. This is one that you will no doubt be hitting the rewind button on, just to re-hear some of the amazing insights you will get.

In this chat Leanna + I really explore your inner authority, tapping into it + trusting it, to embrace the ordinary you and absolutely loving what you find.


Episode #4: COVID-19 Prevention May Not Just Be About Vaccines

This week I wanted to give you a little more information around the current research into COVID19 treatment + prevention from a nutritional standpoint and of course there will be practical takeaways you can implement.

This is not a generalised immune boosting podcast. This is specific to Coronaviruses and viral lung infections.


Episode #3: Managing Stress During Uncertain Times with Anthony Hartcher

When Anthony from me&my wellness suggested we chat about Managing Stress During Uncertain Times, I jumped at the chance to talk to him about it. Anthony has a wealth of knowledge in this area. Not only does he practice what he preaches, Anthony has worked with corporates, helping their staff optimise their wellness during times of change.

This chat is not just timely but can be used during any time of uncertainty in your life.

Episode #2: The Gut + Your Mental Health


In this episode I am flying solo.

From the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak and talk of lock down, I have always been concerned with the mental health of large majority of us. I thought it might be well timed to have a chat about how we can give ourselves a little helping hand to keep our mental health strong by looking to our gut.

Episode #1: Finding Fluidity On + Off The Mat with Lucinda Muldoon

This is a special conversation for you, with the lovely Lucinda Muldoon. This woman has inspired me with the way she embraces her vulnerability and shows up to the world.
In our chat we explore Lucinda’s journey to becoming a Yoga Teacher, how the practice of yoga is more than just performing a set of poses and the gift of finding fluidity on and off the mat.
In her true style Lucinda opens up and delivers us some beautiful insights and wisdom, that many of us spend our whole lives searching for.

Introductory Episode: Welcome to Find Your Hum


Whoo hoo! First ever episode!

Well I’ve certainly found my HUM – bringing you this podcast. In this episode you’ll join me, your host, Kirsty, founder of The Nourishing Way, Nutritionist + Cocktail Lover, as I share with you a little about me, why I started this podcast and what I hope you will gain from allowing me into you ears each week.

Seriously beyond excited to have you here.

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Hey there! I’m Kirsty

I’m a nutritionist, energy healer, recovering superwoman, sister, daughter, auntie, fur mum, nutrition nerd and lover cocktails.

If you want someone who personifies the duality of life, the practical with woo-woo, the feeling and the doing and the realism and the dreaming – then I am it.

I love embracing all sides of our experience.

What makes me hum in the work I do?

I love playing detective!

I love unravelling your current health concerns to better understand your symptoms but to also work out the root cause of why you are experiencing what you are.

And most importantly the joy I experience in watching the improvements made in your health extend out into your whole life.