Before I begin can we take a moment for the wonderful alliteration that is Pesto Prawn Pasta. Without even making it, this dish is fun! This is one of my favourite comfort foods to make for a number of reasons.

  • It is super quick + we know how I love a quick meal
  • It feels very fancy to eat, like you’ve really gone out of your way to treat yourself
  • The flavour of the pesto brings happiness to your taste buds
  • And pasta…. probably don’t really need any more than that for an explanation, pasta is the ultimate comfort food

We also know it’s not just about the flavour for me. I love eating to support my body. So not only does this dish give me all the fancy treat yourself vibes it is also very supportive of my hormones and my gut.

Let’s begin with the hormonal benefits. We often focus a lot on the second part of our cycles, the part before our period comes because that feels like the problem area. Supporting the first part, the follicular phase can really help decrease some of the uncomfortableness we feel in that second part. It is also very vital to support ovulation whether you are looking to get pregnant or not.

The Follicular Phase has us replenishing nutrients after our bleed and preparing our body for ovulation. And this is where Prawns are a fantastic edition. We often what something light around this time and Prawns don’t leave us feeling sluggish. This added with the Pesto, this Pesto Prawn Pasta is a meal that is not going to have you in a carb coma on the couch.

Here is why this is great support for your hormones

  • Prawns have many trace minerals such as iodine and zinc. Iodine is very important for thyroid health and therefore hormone health. Zinc is needed for healthy ovulation and support the second half of our cycle.
  • Prawns are a great source of protein, the building block of our bodies and omega-3’s for anti-inflammatory goodness.
  • Prawns have cholesterol and this is a good thing for our hormones. Our hormones begin as cholesterol and the more ‘good’ cholestoerol  we eat the less our liver produces.
  • Basil brings the anti-oxidant goodness
  • Pine nuts come with many minerals – phosporus for cell health and therefore egg health, zinc and plant sterols that help our body process the ‘bad’ cholesterol.

This dish really is a powerhouse for your hormones. And all of that wasn’t the benefits for your gut health.

Many of the benefits cross over.

  • Zinc is very important for the health of your intestinal lining, helping keep the barrier between your food and your blood strong. Protein also helps here.
  • The omega-3’s help reduce any inflammation
  • Buckwheat is known for its anti-inflammatory properties on the gut lining
  • All the ingredients are low-reactive so if you are having gut health troubles this will be a yummy meal that your gut will also love.

This meal was on high rotation during my second round of SIBO healing during phase two. Which goes to show, restrictive healing diets do not need to be boring or bland. If you want to find out more about SIBO – Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth head here.

What Do I Need?
  • 10-14 Prawns, peeled
  • 1 Tablespoon of Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 90-100g of Buckwheat Pasta (Quinoa will also work)
  • 2-3 Tablespoons of Pesto (find the recipe here)
  • 2 handfuls of Rocket
  • 40g of Goats Cheese, soft
  • 1 Tablespoon of Pine Nuts
Let’s Do This!
  1. Bring a medium saucepan of water to the boil, then add in your pasta. Let this boil for 7-8mins. Then begin cooking your prawns
  2. Heat the Garlic Infused Oil in a medium fry pan over medium heat. Add in your prawns. Cook for 2-3mins or until the underside begins to colour. Flip and cook the other side for the same time.
  3. Drain your pasta.
  4. Add the pesto to the fry pan with the rocket and toss around for 30 secs, then add in your pasta. Continue to toss until rocket has slightly wilted and pasta is coated in pesto.
  5. Remove from heat. Separate into two bowl. Top each bowl with half the goats cheese and pine nuts.

This meal is gluten free and cows dairy free.

NOTE: if you are making this for SIBO Phase 2 please make the Pesto without the Nutritional Yeast.

Serves 2