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Find Your Hum

What makes me hum?

I love playing detective!

I love unravelling your current health concerns to better understand your symptoms but to also work out the root cause of why you are experiencing what you are. Whilst I will treat all health conditions I particularly love

  • Hormonal Health – both male and female
  • Energy depletion – including adrenal and thyroid health and sleep disturbances
  • Stress + manifesting mood disorders – depression, anxiety
  • Digestive complaints – IBS, SIBO, IBD, reflux, heartburn, candida overgrowth


From here I make small, continual tweaks to your diet and lifestyle, helping decrease your symptoms and getting you back to a place where you can thrive.

I have studied Nutritional Medicine so I understand the underlying causes + effects of diseases and health conditions. I use specific questioning and de-coding of pathology testing to get to the root cause.

My treatment plans are backed in science. But I also deeply believe in our connection to ourselves + our surroundings. Yep I have an inner woo-woo side. I think this is a major piece of what is missing in today’s health care. This means you will definitely get self-care as part of your treatment plan.

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Is The Nourishing Way for me?


The Nourishing Way wants to put the joy and adventurous spirit back into your life. We do this through our three core foundations,

Sustain : with food + nutrients (learn more)

Strengthen : body + mind (learn more)

Nurture : develop + grow (learn more)

Together these work in connection with your own personal values to restore the feeling of wellbeing you have been searching for. No amount of restrictive diets, hours spent at bootcamp or massages can give you the life you want. We truly believe that to live a life that makes you hum, you need to heal and grow from the inside out.

Here at The Nourishing Way underlying everything we do are the following values

Education both for ourselves and our clients – constantly learning enables us to pass this knowledge onto our clients – we want to do ourselves out of a job!

Practicality – we all live in the real world with commitments, work, family, friends, sports etc, we understand and embrace this, working with are clients where they are at and providing tools to assist.

Nourishment – kind of goes without saying… Sustaining through wholefoods; Strengthening our body and mind; Nurturing what makes us hum

Joy – we love life and want you to share that with you.

So if you want to…

Reignite that inner spark
Have a better understanding of health
Create positive lifestyle habits through sustainable changes
Be treated as an individual (no cookie cutter programs here)
Learn to identify stress within yourself and how to manage this
Gain confidence in making decisions about your health
Have more energy, a more even mood, better digestive health and hormone regulation


then The Nourishing Way is for you.


Are you ready to Sustain : Strengthen + Nurture your way to a life that makes you hum…?

Yeah I am!

Other Ways to Find Your Hum

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