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Learn how to speak the beautiful language of your body + heal your root causes naturally.

Bridging science with spirituality, I empower people to listen + learn the language of their bodies, allowing them to understand + heal the root cause of their symptoms. My vibrant, down-to-earth + scientifically grounded approach supports people to bring their healthiest, sparkling versions of themselves to life.

My Approach

Mixing the understanding of the body on a physical biochemical level combined with the foundation of ancient healing methods, together with Reiki, Bach flowers + Astrology to support not just the physical aspects of your healing but the emotional and energetic parts which are so often forgotten.


Listen + understand your bodies unique language

Through empowering you to read your body + understand the root causes of your digestive + emotional symptoms, together we bring the healthiest version of you to life.


Heal the body through whole food nutrition – Food is medicine

Combining a wholefood nutritional approach with energetic healing, I work to heal your root causes naturally, not suppress them with medication.


Connect with your own energy + the cycles of nature

Connecting deeply with yourself allows your body + your life to be in flow – to finally feel comfortable in your own body.

The end result guides you to connect deeply with yourself allowing you

to finally feel comfortable in your body

to feel energetically lifted

 to heal

Take a moment here…

Bring up that picture you have of being the healthiest version of yourself….

The one where your body and your life are in flow.

The one where you really feel like you know yourself.

Gone are the ever-changing trends that never seem to work or stick.

You’ve understood and healed the root causes of your condition.

You’ve achieved that deep desire to know yourself better, to feel at home within yourself.


Let’s achieve this together.

1 | 1 Consultations


– Nutritional Consult –

Begin to nourish your body + your spirit.

Set the foundation for your path to nourishment with this 2 session Nutritional consult, the perfect starting point on your journey.

The Quick Reset

– 8 Week Package –

Remember how good you are meant to feel!

These 8 weeks lay the foundations for you to reignite that inner spark through beginning to learn the language of the body.

The Reset

– 12 Week Package –

Bring the healthiest version of yourself to life!

Over 3 months you will be guided to return home to health. Designed for hormonal + gut health resets.

Book a discovery call

Unsure of which package is right for you? Please book a discovery call. We can discuss your health concerns and I can walk you through my approach then together decide if we are the right fit + the best option for you.

See what you need

What past clients have to say…

Kirsty’s knowlegde and willingness to help along my whole journey has been amazing. I feel healthy inside and out. I have so much more energy!! And my cysts have all gone!!


Thank you! I’m now sleeping better, and for longer. My energy levels are better, too. I’m the lightest I’ve been in 3 years!I’m so grateful to you, for your help, advice and support.


Kirsty can explain complicated medical terms in such a simple way, its helped me understand what is happening in my body. Her genuine enthusiasm for Natural Health is infectious.