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Is The Nourishing Way for me?

The Nourishing Way will guide you towards a life that literally makes you hum from the inside. It will allow you to fill your life with energy that radiates into the world.

At The Nourishing Way we believe in a truly whole overview of your health and wellness. We don’t just focus on current symptoms but investigate these in combination with overall health, reviewing multiple body systems, your past health combined with functional pathology testing, to develop a treatment planned individualised for you.

Where possible we stand by our core foundation of Sustain with whole food and nutrients, however know that from time to time our bodies need that extra kick and will use practitioner only supplements to boost your body’s own innate ability to bring you back to wellness.


Have you ever thought…
  • Where has my inner spark gone?
  • What is all this superfood talk about?
  • If it’s ‘good for me’ why don’t I feel good?
  • I’m over spending money on cleanses just to be back where I started after a month?
  • I just don’t have time to be healthy?


Have you ever felt?
  • Overwhelmed with the all or nothing approach to health and happiness?
  • Pressured to achieve balance?
  • Exhausted with life
  • Emotionally, mentally or physically drained?
  • Lacking energy and moody?
  • Confused with knowing the difference between Chai and Chia and how do you pronounce Quinoa….?


If you have lost this inner spark with the exhaustive nature of life – and really who can blame you – and are wanting to explore a different way founded on achieving lasting transformations through increased understanding of what you need and sustainable lifestyle changes then The Nourishing Way is for you.


The Nourishing Way wants to put the joy and adventurous spirit back into your life. We do this through our three core foundations,
Sustain : with food + nutrients (learn more)
Strengthen : body + mind (learn more)
Nurture : develop + grow (learn more)
Together these work in connection with your own personal values to restore the feeling of wellbeing you have been searching for. No amount of restrictive diets, hours spent at bootcamp or massages can give you the life you want. We truly believe that to live a life that makes you hum, you need to heal and grow from the inside out.


Here at The Nourishing Way underlying everything we do are the following values

  • Education both for ourselves and our clients – constantly learning enables us to pass this knowledge onto our clients – we want to do ourselves out of a job!
  • Practicality – we all live in the real world with commitments, work, family, friends, sports etc, we understand and embrace this, working with are clients where they are at and providing tools to assist.
  • Nourishment – kind of goes without saying… Sustaining through wholefoods; Strengthening our body and mind; Nurturing what makes us hum
  • Joy – we love life and want you to share that with you.


Kirsty, having applied The Nourishing Way’s three core foundations in her own journey (read more about that here) has a solid understanding of how to help you find that inner spark. As a qualified Health and Nutrition Coach and 3rd Year Health Science student majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics, registered with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, Kirsty, through her vibrant and understanding way, equips clients drive their own positive health and wellbeing changes. Genuinely listening, understanding and addressing concerns and thoughts, the coaching relationship will allow you to gain the confidence to make decisions over your health, allowing joy and adventure back into your life.


Let’s Chat!

We believe it’s important that you feel comfortable with the coach that you choose. This helps you achieve your goals which in turn helps us with our mission to help you create a life that makes you hum. Before committing to a coach we strongly encourage you to book a ‘Chat’ with us. This is a free 15 min call, either via Skype or on the phone, in which we can briefly discuss you goals and how we work at The Nourishing Way to make sure it fits with you. There is no hard sell, no obligation, the choice to engage with us as your coach is totally up to you. So Let’s Chat!


The Nourishing Way is for you if you want to…
  • Reignite that inner spark
  • Have a better understanding of health
  • Create positive lifestyle habits through sustainable changes
  • Be treated as an individual (no cookie cutter programs here)
  • Learn to identify stress within yourself and how to manage this
  • Gain confidence in making decisions about your health
  • More energy and a more even mood

In addition to helping you with general health and wellbeing changes, we can help specifically support you in the following areas
– Weight Management
– Food Intolerance’s and Sensitivities
– Food Allergies
– Energy Depletion
– Sleep
– Stress
– Lifestyle Changes to assist Chronic Diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Health
– Gut Dysbiosis including IBS, IBD
– Hormonal Dysfunction

Our Services

Initial Coaching Session : 60 minutes : $80

Your initial session will include:

  • A Wellness Assessment incorporating all lifestyle factors including, sleep, eating, stress, physical exercise and general wellbeing
  • Understanding your current state of wellbeing and where you would like to get to
  • Identify areas in which you need support
  • Set meaningful goals to sustain, strengthen and nurture your way to a life that makes you hum
  • Develop strategies that fit with your current lifestyle


Follow up Coaching Session : 30 minutes : $50

Follow up sessions will include:

  • Celebrating you kicking your goals!
  • Tracking your progress and adjust your plan where needed, empowering you to regain control
  • Developing strategies to help you overcome barriers and obstacles that may hinder your progress
  • Building on you becoming in tune with your body and what it needs through tapping into your intuition
  • Creating positive lifestyle habits through sustainable changes
  • Greater understanding of basic nutrition and how other lifestyle factors contribute to your health