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The Nourishing Way is where I empower people to listen to their body + understand it’s unique language. Through fusing wholefood nutrition with energetic healing I address the root causes of digestive + hormone symptoms, bringing the healthiest verison of you to life.


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My Approach

Bridging science with spirituality, I empower people to listen + learn the language of their bodies, allowing them to understand + heal the root cause of their symptoms. My vibrant, down-to-earth + scientifically grounded approach supports people to bring their healthiest, sparkling versions of themselves to life.

Step One


Listen + understand your bodies unique language

Through empowering you to read your body + understand the root causes of your digestive + emotional symptoms, together we bring the healthiest version of you to life.

Step Two


Heal the body through wholefood nutrition. Food is medicine

Combining a wholefood nutritional approach with energetic healing, I work to heal your root causes naturally, not suppress them with medication.

Step Three


Connect with your own energy + the cycles of nature

Connecting deeply with yourself allows your body + your life to be in flow – to finally feel comfortable in your own body.

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My Story

Behind The Nourishing Way

Kirsty Taylor

As far back as my teens was all about the the doing, the hustle, the achieving. I prided myself on being ‘Superwoman’. I literally had the ability to do it all. That was until I didn’t.

Like any good Superwoman I brushed aside many warning signs that maybe this wasn’t how I was meant to be living. I wasn’t letting anything stop me.

The saddest thing was I didn’t even realise my body was trying to tell me something…

During navigating the hardest parts of my health + my life I realised I was missing was that hum inside me. That feeling you get when it feels like every cell in your body is alive.

Inspired by my own health challenges, I founded The Nourishing Way, to empower others to live a life that makes them hum through connecting + reading their bodies.














Free Downloadables

Download Your Unique Timing Tracker

Through tuning into your unique timing + the wisdom it brings, you will be beginning to learn + understand the language of your body.

This  will allow you to address any hormonal imbalances + help you take advantage of your four phases. This tracker is designed for both menstruating + non-menstruating females.

This will be your superpower.

Download Your Gut Healing Cookbook

Containing 11 low reactive recipes perfect for lunch + dinner, to enjoy whilst healing your gut.

Each recipe is designed to lower gut inflammation allowing your digestive system to work at it’s best!

Some Client Love...

” I have sincerely enjoyed learning all things nutrition with you. It has given me a real insight into how to look after myself better in mind and body. I now practice more mindfulness, taking control of my stress levels and also ‘think’ more in depth about the content within my meals and enjoy them more. SO thank you for your expertise and insight.”


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