Develop + grow

To nurture is the act of caring for or protecting something or someone.

It is to help develop and to grow. It is in essence the act of providing nourishment.

What is the difference between “I like you” and “I love you”? 

Beautifully answered by Buddha…

When you life a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower you water it daily.


What it means to Nurture?

Nurturing ourselves is bringing together how we treat ourselves through the food we give ourselves, the way we move our bodies and the way we talk to ourselves.  We have been inherently taught nurturing practices since we were quite young. Watering a garden, looking after pets, watching out for our siblings.

As we get older we move more towards the act of nurturing those around us – our families, our friends, our children, our partners and our relationships. In doing this we somehow move away from nurturing ourselves. How often do we stop and care for ourselves? When was the last time you developed and grew you? If you are not participating in doing this for yourself how can you honestly show up to provide the best to those around you?


When you nurture yourself wonderful things begin to happen….
  • You find your voice: You are no longer afraid to tell those around you how you feel, what you want, your desires, your fears, and your passions.

  • You practice self-compassion: You are gentle and kind to yourself. You are ok with not being “perfect”.

  • You contribute to the world in which you are in: this doesn’t have to mean going to volunteer every weekend at an animal shelter (although that would certainly be contributing), for you it might be putting aside time to spend with your mum, your kids; it might be leading an ear to listen to a friend in need. You contribute in a way that is meaningful to both you and them.

  • You set limits: By holding yourself and others around you accountable, by setting boundaries, you provide a place for growth and development both for yourself and others.

  • Your personal capability increases: You challenge yourself. You take steps towards personal goals without fear.

  • You physically nurture yourself: You will feed, groom, exercise and rest in ways that are consistent with self-love and not harm.

  • The world becomes more beautiful: You will have a greater presence and awareness of both people and the things around you.


Just a few ways you can begin to nurture yourself
  • Slow down, reduce your online time, simplify tasks

  • Commit to less, learn to say no to doing things just for the sake of it

  • Listen to your body – it will be your greatest source of feedback

  • Let go of the stories you tell yourself about the past. They are the past. Stop the worrying about the future, the anxiety and the fear.

  • Feel. Embrace your emotions and allow yourself to feel them – happiness, sadness, fear, love, kindness

  • Follow your intuition. Ask yourself questions and be okay with not knowing the answers straight away. Find them through growth and development.

  • Create a sanctuary. The moment in your day, in your week, where you can do something for you. Read, exercise, go for coffee or cup of tea, meditate – just fill your cup.

When you nurture yourself your world will take on a different appearance. You will develop and stimulate your internal fire. You will foster that hum deep inside that makes you want to get out of bed and turn up as your best self.

Here are the articles we have shared to help you find ways to Nurture yourself. Nurturing isn’t always about stopping or slowing down, it’s about developing, growing, feeding that fire and most importantly finding your hum!

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