My Story

Whenever we look back we can see the chain of events that lead us to the very place where we are meant to be. For some this is clear from the outset, for others the path isn’t easy, but there is always a story.

This is mine.

As far back as my teens I was all about the the doing, the hustle, the achieving. My dream job when I finished school and headed off to uni to study a BBA was to be CEO of Cadbury’s. I always wanted to be the one leading (and I did think an endless supply of chocolate would be a bonus!).

I prided myself on being ‘Superwoman’. At one stage I was running 3 businesses, studying my masters, helping out family and friends, juggling finances and dealing with a crashing relationship. I literally had the ability to do it all. That was until I didn’t.
Like any good Superwoman I brushed aside many warning signs that maybe this wasn’t how I was meant to be living. But I wasn’t going to let it stop me. Looking back I was constantly chasing a caffeine high.

The saddest thing was I didn’t even realise my body was trying to tell me something…

The change began in 2008. My gorgeous mother could see I was struggling + suggested a book. I was certainly skeptical at first – fad diets have never been my thing. This book began the change to how I approached food. My choices in food began to change from being very processed carb dominated to including more veggies, protein and healthy fats. I cannot describe how amazing the new found energy I had felt!

It would take another 6 years until I really took my health seriously. Until the moment came when I was forced to take it seriously.

That first ‘oh-shit’ moment came when I went off contraception and didn’t get my period. Unfortunately the advice I received from my doctor wasn’t helpful or correct. This lead me to start searching for answers elsewhere.

Until this time I wasn’t aware that the food I put in my body, the way I moved my body, what I thought about myself or the way I connected with the world had any bearing on my health. I have experienced other ‘oh-shit’ moments in my health ranging from gut conditions through to adrenal dsyregulation and the continuing of hormonal troubles.

The story from here most certainly represents a journey.

That word journey I know almost feels over used but there is not other way to describe it. Because I can tell you that like any good journey it has twists, turns mountains and valley’s and you definitely get lost a little along the way. But you find you way back. Like any good journey, health and in fact life is no different. And it’s always continuing evolving. Again like a journey, where the landscape changes as you venture along, you will change and I want The Nourishing Way to help you to navigate your way though those changes.

The Nourishing Way

During navigating the hardest parts of my health + my life I realised I was missing was that hum inside me. That feeling you get when it feels like every cell in your body is alive. I began The Nourishing Way in 2016 so I could empower others to find that hum inside of them!

I know that to bring the healthiest version of you to life you need a solid foundation of nutrition but also a deeper understanding + connection to yourself. The Nourishing Way is here to support your transformation, offering guidance whenever you feel stuck but I firmly believe our bodies know exactly what they need, we just need to learn to speak their language.

To nourish is to sustain with food + nutrients, to cherish + to strengthen. 

It was from this definition that I built my approach.


I hold a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition + Dietetic Medicine from Endeavour College of Natural Health. This is coupled with Nutrition + Health Coaching and Meal + Menu Planning Certificates from Well College Global. I have done post-graduate studies in Gut Health (The SIBO Doctor).

Professionally I am a member of Australian Natural Therapists Association.

Fun Facts

1. I am a lover of biochemistry – how our body works is so fascinating to me.

2. I have a staffy called Chia who has the biggest personality. If you follow me over on Instagram she often appears in my stories

3. I truly believes tahini can be put onto anything.

4. I personify the duality of life, the practical with woo-woo, the feeling and the doing and the realism and the dreaming – I truly embody all of this! I love embracing all sides of our experience.

5. Astrology + Human Design absolutely fascinate me. I love anything that allows us to understand ourselves better. And for those that are mystically inclined I am a Virgo Sun, with a Pisces Moon + Leo Rising – Practical : Feeling : Vibrant!

6. You will often see me celebrating milestones with an Espresso Martini over breakfast. Coffee is a morning drink…

7. My life motto is have courage and be kind. If I can look back over any period of my life and feel that I was both couragous and kind, I will be able to smile.