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Thanks for stopping by to learn a little about me and how The Nourishing Way began. 

This website is about sharing my journey along The Nourishing Way and helping you discover yours.


Hey there! I’m Kirsty the Wellness Enthusiast and Founder of The Nourishing Way. I am all but finished my degree in Health Science majoring in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine (just clinic hours to go!) at Endeavour Collage of Natural Health and a qualified Health and Nutrition Coach. I’m so excited you’ve taken the time to learn about The Nourishing Way and start on your own journey.


I have been on my own path for quite some time now. It all began around 2008. I had moved back from a few years living in Adelaide and had just taken over 2 businesses with my business partner. It was a great time of learning! It also became very evident that I was lacking the energy and vitality to really drive my life forward. I remember very clearly standing in our card and gift shop at 3pm in the afternoon and thinking I really could just sleep! It was more than just being tired, but to the point if I’d curled up I would have crashed out. There was also the ice cream shop we owned where many days were spent picking at ice cream and having a coffee machine at my disposal to get me through the day. Basically I was chasing a sugar and caffeine high.


I have never been overweight but I have certainly struggled to maintain my weight. I wasn’t an overly active teen. I lived until my mid to late 20’s following the low fat way eating. A direct result of that was super high carb. I actually ate the jam scrolls with the pink icing on it thinking it was a better option for me!! It’s almost hard for me to believe that now.


My lovely caring mother saw a write up on a book called The Metabolism Miracle. I was certainly skeptical at first. I’ve never been one to follow fad diets. It went on to list a bunch of symptoms that described me to a tee – tired upon waking, mid-afternoon slump, easily irritated, anxious, mildly depressed, mid-section fat. This began my journey to look at the way I approached food. My choices began to change from being very carb dominated to including much more protein and fats.


With the new found energy I had I began to feel like I could start being physically more active. I actually started to run! Not even as a young girl did I like running (I was a swimmer). But I found a program that took me from 0 to running 5km. It felt amazing (well after the first couple of weeks – they were a struggle!). Winter hit and running outside became a litle more tricky so I joined the local gym. At the same time I had a girlfriend who was undergoing a transformation challenge and she looked amazing. This encouraged me to start lifting weights as well. Believe me when I tell you friends and family were extremely shocked. Fitness had never been a priority for me before. But it felt AMAZING!


My journey with food and exercise continued to evolve. 8 years on I now eat pretty much zero refined carbohydrates. I eat very little processed foods. I love cooking so choose to make everything I can myself. The only thing in cans in my cupboard are tins of organic tomatoes and coconut cream. My food choices are now as close to wholefoods as I possibly can. Exercising has become a part of my daily routine, I really feel it when I don’t move my body. The high it gives, the challenge it provides, you cannot get daily any other way.


Mentally I’ve always prided myself on being “Superwoman”. The ability to literally do it all. It was my identity. My hero status. The way I fitted in my world. If anyone needed anything done it would be me they would turn to. It was stressful keeping all the balls in the air. Running 3 businesses, studying my masters, wanting to spend time with family and friends, finding time for me, juggling finances and a crashing relationship. And I did somehow manage it – I was Superwoman. That was until I couldn’t manage it. I started to have panic attacks and a growing occurrence of anxiety. I resisted this for months. How could I admit I wasn’t coping? I did go and seek help after it started to impact my life. Did I slow down? A little but I mainly just learnt how to manage it. In saying that, I was still busy but I was much happier. I was living a life that I enjoyed.


Around the beginning of 2014 I just felt like the changes I’d made with my food and exercise just weren’t working anymore. I was becoming more aware of the food I put in my mouth, focusing on wholefoods, making my own nut milks, preparing my food. I was lifting heavier, running further than I had before but I was putting on weight. Not overly quickly but around my mid-section, on my arms – places I’d never really struggled with. My skin started to break out too. What did I do? I ate ‘better’ I exercised more. I decided to go off the pill as I thought this may have been affecting it. I had been on the pill since I was 13 (see my blog post here for more on this) and I just felt like I needed the rest from it. I didn’t get my cycle back. This prompted me to seek help. I knew it wasn’t normal. With testing I found out I had adrenals that were not functioning correctly. Whilst I didn’t think I was stressed out, my body was not feeling the same. That bear was certainly chasing me. Since that time I am still struggling to get back to a healthy me. I have taken very determined steps to change some things in my life and I can see that they are working. It is a slow process though. I’ve spent 10 years being “Superwoman” the effects of that do not change in 6 months, even a year. I know that with each change I make I am creating a better me.


The Nourishing Way was born out of a want to help others show up in their lives. We are so focused on just one part of our lives and we need to focus on life as a whole. I can see parts of what I have experienced in so many people around me. We just push on. As I have come up against these different obstacles in my life it has helped me learn and grow. I found that heading down a certain path didn’t work for me anymore so I took a different one. I’ve learnt to be adaptable, to explore. I want to pay that forward. I want to provide others with the information they can use to decide what it is that will make them hum.


The Nourishing Way isn’t about a cookie cutter approach. It is a choose your own adventure!! It is about you exploring what will make you experience an abundant life. We have a picture of how we our told our lives should be and strive to achieve that. What about what we really want? When was the last time you actually thought about what you wanted? You won’t find sure fire ways to “fix” problems here at The Nourishing Way. I am telling you there will be days, sometimes weeks, where it is hard and life is not always going to be perfect. I am still learning exactly what will work for me. But I have over the past 8 years made small changes. These small changes when I look back have given me a very different life to the one I had. I actually hope my learning and growing will never stop. Our bodies and our minds are always changing and we must change with them.


I want you to choose your own adventure – make an abundant life for yourself – share the journey with me and others around you.


Welcome to The Nourishing Way!!

Our Mission

At The Nourishing Way we help you find a life that makes them hum, filling your life with energy! Guiding you towards taking back your health through sustainable lifestyle changes based on your idea of balance.

The Nourishing Way specialises in the areas of energy depletion, gut health, chronic disease and hormone imbalance. Specifically the support for

  • Food intolerance’s and sensitivities

  • Gut dysbiosis such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO)

  • Hormone imbalance affecting sleep, mood, energy, performance and reproductive state

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