Your Unique Timing

A five week course guiding you to

Live in Alignment

“The greatest lesson a woman can ever learn is that she already has everything she needs within herself”


The next round of Your Unique Timing will be kicking off later in the year. This course will allow you to feel more connected with your body, optimise your energy, productivity and sex life, all while supporting your menstrual cycle.

This will be your Superpower!

If you would like to be the first to be notified when doors open join the wait list. Not only will you get early access to the next round, you will also receive my “Your Unique Timing Tracker” to kick start your journey into understanding Your Unique Timing.

There may have been a few reasons why you found yourself wanting to know more about Your Unique Timing.

Some of you may feel like life is always a struggle, like you are pushing against a fierce current.

Others may feel disconnected with your bodies and finding it hard to trust your own internal guide.

Then there will those who want to understand, appreciate and tap back into the beauty of our menstrual cycles, even heal your hormonal symptoms.

You know there is something deeper, more magical at play that you can tap into. That knowing begins with Living in Alignment with Your Unique Timing.

This five week guided course will allow you to tap into and honour each phase of your cycle, harnessing the wisdom it holds as you begin to learn the beautiful language of your body.

How can this course help me live in alignment?

This course guides you back to understanding and attending to each of the different phases of Your Unique Cycle. You will walk away with a personalised understanding of how to decode the wisdom that your body holds. This course is for you if you want to

∇  Begin to understand the beautiful language of your body.

∇ Learn how to live in alignment and step out of the firece current

∇ Appreciate the wonder that is the menstrual cycle better or how to support yourself during menopause

∇  Learn how to optimise your energy, creativity, productivity and sex life.

∇  Walk away feeling more connected to your body and your inner wisdom.

Who is it for?

This course is for you whether you are currently menstruating or not.

You may have absent or irregular cycles or you may have reached a time in your life where you no longer bleed. We all have an Unique Timing, as women our bodies all hold such immense wisdom and it’s constantly trying to share that with us.

This five week course will be a guide for you to learn the beautiful language of your body, to tap into it’s wisdom and begin to move through life in a way that is in true alignment with what works for you. This will help you learn to connect and love your body.

It is for those who want harness their superpower.

Starting to learn about the cycle and foods that could help me get things under control, has me more excited about the possibility I may not have to continue with these symptoms.


What you can expect.

 Your Unique Timing runs for 5 weeks. Each week there will be a different focus guiding you to understand each phase of Your Unique Timing and how best to live in alignment with it.

Each week there will be a live call in which we will dive deep into each phase. Don’t worry if you can’t make the call live the replay will be available for you to watch via the membership portal. This will be supported by a mini-book for each phase for you to refer to after the course. You will have lifetime access to the course materials and any updates that are made

| The Schedule |

Week One: Welcome to Your Unique Timing

Week Two: The Transformation

Week Three: The Unfolding

Week Four: The Transition

Week Five: The Folding


Your commitment

To dedicate 60 minutes across each week to learn and understand your body’s unique language. The weekly calls will be around 40 minutes. To get the most out of this, you will need to dedicate 3-5 minutes each day to allow yourself to unlock your body’s wisdom.

What previous participants have to say…

Thanks to Kirsty, my expectations have changed…

I am so happy I chanced on Your Unique Timing. It has changed how I approach each day. You have helped me to understand that our needs change with each phase. We can give ourselves permission to take things slowly when our mind and body need it, knowing that energy will return as we cycle through the phases. Women are not made to push themselves everyday, day after day. Thanks to Kirsty, my expectations have changed and my inner voice is learning to be kind and forgiving. I loved listening to Kirsty share her knowledge about the menstrual cycle – nutritional support, supplementation, hormones, the list goes in. Kirsty has a beautiful energy.


An absolute must…

Your unique timing course is an absolute must if you are seeking to understand your “unique timing” a little better.. it was an interesting and informative experience.. and learning that we are all connected to Mother Nature more than we know was refreshing and exciting.. catered for all women who are looking to understand our incredible bodies a little more… Thank you Kirsty x


This course has allowed me to open my mind to healthier options

Until I started this journey, I felt hopeless in my mission to understand why I have such a horrible journey throughout my cycle. All the advice I’ve ever had is ‘take one or more of these medications’ and I don’t believe I have endometriosis, so going to a specialist resulted in nothing. That’s where medicine and support seems to stop. For a long time I’ve believed I need help with my symptoms rather than masking my symptoms. This course has allowed me to open my mind to healthier options and I’m really looking forward to continuing this journey. Thank you!



Your workshop mentor.

Hello, I’m Kirsty


As far back as my teens was all about the the doing, the hustle, the achieving. I prided myself on being ‘Superwoman’. I literally had the ability to do it all. That was until I didn’t.

Like any good Superwoman I brushed aside many warning signs that maybe this wasn’t how I was meant to be living. I wasn’t letting anything stop me.

The saddest thing was I didn’t even realise my body was trying to tell me something…

During navigating the hardest parts of my health + my life I realised I was missing was that hum inside me. That feeling you get when it feels like every cell in your body is alive.

Inspired by my own health challenges, I founded The Nourishing Way, to empower others to live a life that makes them hum through connecting + reading their bodies.

Today I work with clients empowering them to listen to their body + understand it’s unique language. Through fusing wholefood nutrition with energetic healing I address the root causes of digestive + hormone symptoms, bringing the healthiest version of you to life.



The Nourishing Way Founder