Whole Food Seasonal Meal Plan      for Spring

IT’S HERE! The Whole Food Seasonal Meal Plan for Spring.

I’ve combined a couple of my passions together – yummy tasting nutritious food and tuning in with the cycles of nature. It’s designed to be time-saving (win), packed with seasonal vegetables full of nutrients (win), and most importantly oh-so tasty!

The two things I see people struggle with is not knowing how to include more whole foods in their diets (and I don’t mean ‘diet’ to loose weight, I mean diet as in what you eat day to day) and the loss of connection with nature.

The first is often quite obvious to them. They can see the difference between the food they are eating and what they would like to eat. The second, the connection to nature is a little less obvious. It often comes as just a restlessness, a searching for answers outside of ourselves or a discontentment. Most are not sure where it comes from, they just know something isn’t right.

Starting simply (as we should start all things) with eating seasonal food is a great way to begin to notice and become in tune with nature and the cycles that are occurring around and in us.

Eating seasonally allows you to connect with nature at a nourishing level. Not only will you experience that amazing connection with nature, you food will be more tasty and nutritious and cheaper!

As you are in the Northern Hemisphere I have developed this plan to include lots of vegetables that are in season during the Spring months. They are a lovely mix of freshness and heartiness that will see you through both the cooler and warmer days that we experience.

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