Your Stress Toolbox



“Calm yourself. The storm will pass”

Timber Hawkeye

Building a

Stress Toolbox

can help shift you from a stressed out state to a calm state. 

Download this FREE Stress Toolbox Printout to help you in times of stress, to relieve the pressure and urgency that we can feel at times.

Having a toolbox filled with ways to help relieve that sense of stress, allows us to be able to grab something when we need it, to bring the stress down, to release the pressure valve, to take a moment to get our equilibrium back.

Having a Stress Toolbox that I can shift through has been so key to my own healing and that of my clients. Because while we can’t entirely remove stress from our lives, we can change how we react to it and work to decrease the effects it has on our health.

Start building your Stress Toolbox today.