Mind + body

To strengthen is to build up, to develop, to improve, to promote and to make stronger.

“Health is not just about what you are eating. Its also about what you are thinking, saying and doing.”

Our strength comes from our bodies and our minds. It is a physical, emotional and psychological balance.



What is strength?

Most people would think this is pretty straight forward. They would answer simply – It is to be strong. That however is just one part of what strength is.

To have strength is not to have abs – that is having abs. Strength is not being able to lift more than the person next to you, punch harder, run further. Strength is showing up as your authentic self each and every day. It’s about getting out of bed when you don’t want to. Its about forgiveness, to yourself and to those around you. Strength has nothing to do with fitness. Strength comes from within.

When you are a strong person, body and mind, you will show up to your life as the best version of yourself. You will have the confidence, the stamina and the resilience to live a whole and abundant life – The Nourishing Way.

Strong Body

While our strength doesn’t just come from our body, having a strong and capable body allows us so many benefits in life. We can achieve our goals, we can play with our children (fur babies included), we have energy and we also help so many vital functions in our bodies by strengthening our bodies.

Here you will find a variety of ways to strengthen your body, whether this is a path you are just beginning or one you have trodden many times, whether you want to challenge your body or help it heal.

Strong Mind

This the second and equally important part of our strength. A strong and healthy mind allows us to reach higher, believe and know we can achieve our goals and makes the tough times a little easier. It opens up our world to more possibilities and allows ups to appreciate the greatness we have.

Here you will find tools and articles that promote a strong mind.

Want more than workouts and meditations – check out the the articles related to how you can strengthen your body and your mind

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