The Quick Reset

A Six Week Journey to

Reignite Your Inner Sparkle

The Quick Reset is designed for those who don’t have long standing health condition but want to remember how good they are meant to feel.


You know what health looks like but have been unable to get there.

You want to begin to learn the language of your body.

You want to feel re-energised.

You want to find a diet + lifestyle that fits you.

 This six weeks is designed to educate you that feeling great is both achievable + enjoyable resulting in a life that feels expansive not restrictive.

My Approach


Listen + understand your bodies unique language


Heal the body through whole food nutrition – Food is medicine


Connect with your own energy + the cycles of nature

This is Nutrition re-designed. Through mixing the understanding of the body on a physical biochemical level combined with the foundation of ancient healing methods, together with Reiki, Bach flowers + Astrology your are supporting not just the physical aspects of your healing but the emotional and energetic parts which are so often forgotten.

What to expect

In-depth Consultations : Throughout The Quick Reset consultations will include understanding any physical symptoms coupled with your lifestyle, your emotions, your beliefs and your relationship with yourself and the world in which you live.

A Path to Nourishment : This is an individualised plan to guide you reignite your inner sparkle based on our consultations. Your path will include food, body care, movement and nurturing the connection to you.

Support : Each step you will be supported through navigating any obstacles + strengthening positive practices.

Exploration : You will begin to discover the unique language of your body allowing you to care for your body + your mind. This will stretch beyond our work together.

What the package includes + how it works

Day 1: Initial In-depth Consultation – 90mins

This time together allows me to deeply understand your symptoms/condition.

Week 2: Your Personalised Plan + Implementation – 90 mins

We come back together for a co-creative planning session allowing the flexibility for your plan to fit your life. This session will also include a Bach Flower Assessment

Week 4: Holistic Nutritional Follow Up – 60 mins

This follow up session will allow us to navigate any obstacles + assess the treatment. The session also includes a Reiki Treatment.

Week 6: Final Holistic Health Assessment – 60 mins

This final session will see us touch on Unique Cycle. This is a tool I use with my clients that allows them connect and most importantly understand how to live based on your cycle.

Throughout The Quick Rest – Email support & check-ins between consultations + access to tools to support your plan

Each step of the way I will be there to answer any questions you have, to provide support, to listen and help keep you accountable.

You will be given access to tools helping to support your plan. Everything from healing digestion, improving sleep and boosting energy to self-car practices and techniques for overcoming obstacles.



Investment | $530

Payment plans are available

What clients are saying…


“Thank you for caring and taking time with this body of mine
I feel so good, my body feels so good!
Even my skin looks healthy!”

Kylie I