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Have you ever felt it…?

That excitement, that hum, that reaches into the very base of your stomach and makes your whole body feel alive!

Well your life can feel like that.

Each week I’ll be sharing ways your personal wellness journey can lead you a life that literally makes you hum.

We’ll be diving into all things health, nutrition, mindset, connection, spirituality and relationships to encourage you to be courageous and brave with your life and most importantly unashamedly you.

Together Let’s Find Your Hum!


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Episode #18: My 38th Lap Around The Sun

Episode #18: My 38th Lap Around The Sun

Hands up if this year has gone how you have planned it...? Anyone....? I know my certainly hasn't. I ended up on the other side of the world! And trust me I did not see that one coming a year ago. Each year I like to look back over my lap around the sun. I find it so...

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Episode #15: SIBO + Rosacea

Episode #15: SIBO + Rosacea

Continuing the skin + gut health theme this episode is one close to my heart. Having personally experienced both SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) + Rosacea this is one topic love discussing! Now whilst you don't necessarily have to have Rosacea to have...

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Hey there! I’m Kirsty

I’m a nutritionist, energy healer, recovering superwoman, sister, daughter, auntie, fur mum, nutrition nerd and lover cocktails.

If you want someone who personifies the duality of life, the practical with woo-woo, the feeling and the doing and the realism and the dreaming – then I am it.

I love embracing all sides of our experience.

What makes me hum in the work I do?

Bridging science + spirituality.

I love empowering people to listen to + understand their bodies, allowing them to heal the root causes of their conditions, not just cover them over. I do this through combining whole foods with energetic healing so that my clients feel energetically lifted!