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We kick off on September 23rd

Since I began diving into the world of Nutrition all I ever wanted to do was to make people hum again! I want people to realise how good they were meant to feel. And this, Bring Back Your Spark is going to do it.

So many people have courses out there where you pay your money, download your content and away you go. For the most part it works. At least in the beginning. But ultimately you are getting a cookie cutter approach with little to no personal touches.

Whilst these courses do have their places, I knew I never wanted to do anything like that.

To truly help someone with their health and wellbeing you need to individualise it for THEM! Yes the foundation can be similar but we all need that something different to make it work for us.

That is exactly what Bring Back Your Spark does. It combines foundations similar for everyone then uses consultations with me to ensure you are gaining the personalised information that will help YOU.


What’s included?

* 8 weeks of video and written content allowing you to better understand what zaps your energy and what adds back to you energy bank. This provides you with the foundation. I’m a firm believer in once you know better it helps you do better. This helps you learn about how wonderful your body is.

* THREE one-on-one calls with me (these alone are valued at $450!). This is where the personalisation comes in. It will allow us to focus on what is zapping your energy. You will have a full 75 min initial consultation and 2x 45 min follow up consultations.

* Practical, simple and individualised recommendations for you to apply in your life to improve your energy.

* Weekly live questions and answers with me in the facebook group. If you have further questions on anything that you have learnt you can ask them here.

* Based on the 3 pillars of Sustain, Strengthen + Nurture. This ensures that you have a very well rounded approach to brining back your spark

*A community of support from the other members

* Recipes and handouts to make any changes super easy to implement.

We’re going to be diving deep.

As Education is one of the core values here at The Nourishing Way, this initiative comes packed with learning – Learning how truly AMAZING our bodies are and how all of our body systems work with each other.

Here is the breakdown of what we will be exploring as we Bring Back Your Spark.

Week 1: Let’s set the starting point – where are you at? And an explanation of how energy is made

Week 2: Foundations of energy: sleep + hydration

Week 3: Sustain: macro nutrients: carbs, fats, protein 

Week 4: Sustain: micro nutrients: b-vitamins, iron, co-enzyme Q10

Week 5: Strengthen: appropriate exercise

Week 6: Strengthen: body systems: GIT, Liver, Thyroid

Week 7: Nurture: stress: fears: adrenals, coping mechanisms

Week 8 Nurture: daily choices: what are you saying yes to -let’s spark joy

The Cost to You

All of this personalised goodness is yours for $595. (Remember the consultations alone are worth $450).


As this is the first time I am running this amazing initative I am offering it for $220! Yep just $220!!

It’s 37% of the original course value because well I just turned 37 so why not give you guys an amazing saving.


Why did I choose to focus on Bringing Back Your Spark (energy)?

Because I have been there. I know exactly what it feels like to be so god damn tired that you are literally living on caffiene and sugar to get you through the day. To fall into bed at night so exhausted but somehow not have a refreshing nights sleep. I used to wear by tiredness as a badge of honour. You can read about that here

Getting my spark back was THE best thing I have ever done. It allowed me to then go on and tackle other areas of my life and my health that needed addressing. I spoke about that in this video.

Who is Bring Back Your Spark for?

This is usually where it gets all salesy. Where you get told what is lacking in your life and how this will magically make that go way. Well that is not going to happen here.

Bring Back Your Spark will help you do just that. So if you feel as though you are lacking spark in your life and what to find that hum inside you again… then Bring Back Your Spark is for you.

It is mix of edcation and practical things you can do. But you need to do the work.

You need to be ready to make some changes in your life. You lost your spark doing what you currently do, getting back will require some things to change.

This is not about drinking kale juice, spending hours exercising or sitting in meditation 3 times a day. It is an initative allowing you to gain back your spark, find your hum and just make your world generally a better place to live in. Because from personal experience, when you get your energy back and life doesn’t feel like a struggle – the world you live in looks freakin awesome!


Right I’m in – Bring Back My Spark!

To join this amazing intitiative to Bring Back Your Spark all you need to do is to pop your name and email with a message like – OMG Kirsty I cannot wait to Bring Back My Spark! or something similar into the form and I will be in contact. We’ll get you booked into your first consult – super simple!

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