Grab your natal chart and get comfy for this episode. Melanie aka Your Cosmic Coach, dives deep into the areas of your chart that will allow you to ‘Find Your Hum’. You are so much more than just your sun sign (or star sign).

There are many different planets, different houses that point you your purpose. Melanie takes us through what to look for and how to layer it all together.


In this chat Melanie and I talk about

  • What are our big 3?
  • How Melanie came to do this as her career
  • The planets that to look for in your chart
  • The houses to look for in your chart
  • How to put it all together, the planets, the houses
  • How Melanie uses astroglogy in her life.

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    Quotes that made me hum…


    Trust and surrender are two things I have not come easy to me. Not trust in others. But trust in myself. Trust for myself. Trust to surrender, rather than push through and push away.


    Everyday for years now, in fact the best part of 10 years, I have grappled with the wanting and yearning for 2 things that no matter what I do, I am completely not in control of the outcome.


    I made a promise to myself I would just keeping taking a step, reevaluating, taking another, reevaluate. If each time I took a step it was possible for me to take another I would. If it still felt right to take that step I would.


    Most of all I hope it encourages you all to be brave and courageous with your life.



    How to find yourself in your natal chart

    Dive deeper into your natal chart.

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