Now you may or may not have babies on your radar but that really doesn’t matter. This is an episode of the process of decision making, the ups and downs that big decisions have on our mental state. And we have all had to make big decisions and we will likely have to make them in the future, so I as always I hope that by sharing this with you, you can take something to apply to your own life to help it be a little more sparkly and to of course help you find your hum!

In this chat I talk about

  • What lead me to this decision
  • How I have navigated some hurdles I have had
  • Some of the process that leads into IVF

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    Quotes that made me hum…


    Trust and surrender are two things I have not come easy to me. Not trust in others. But trust in myself. Trust for myself. Trust to surrender, rather than push through and push away.


    Everyday for years now, in fact the best part of 10 years, I have grappled with the wanting and yearning for 2 things that no matter what I do, I am completely not in control of the outcome.


    I made a promise to myself I would just keeping taking a step, reevaluating, taking another, reevaluate. If each time I took a step it was possible for me to take another I would. If it still felt right to take that step I would.


    Most of all I hope it encourages you all to be brave and courageous with your life.



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