The dance between the hormones in the body is both fascinating and powerful. Understanding the relationship between your sex and stress hormones, will not only allow you to understand your period health but also provide a key to your future health and happiness.

In this chat I talk about

  • The hormone feedback loop

  • The importance of progesterone
  • Why I’ve re-defined stress
  • How stress impacts our sex hormones
  • Ways in which we can reverse the effects of stress on our sex hormones

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Quotes that made me hum…


Looking at your horoscope and your sun sign really is just the tip of the iceberg… all this amaziness sits below the water that we don’t realise until we go diving for it.


We get so lost in not being connected with ourselves, that it really takes something like this (astrology), to remind us of who we are.


It is the elements of our chart that I like working with, with my clients. I find if they are dominant (or lacking) in one, it can manifest into the way we heal or our disease and conditions.


It can be a tool you can also use to learn to know, like and trust yourself. Because everybody is the most beautiful human who deserves to love the shit out of themselves.


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