When thinking of the thyroid I instantly think of Lisa. With such a personal understanding of what it is like to live with a thyroid disorder as well as treating hundreds of people with thyroid disorders, she is a wealth of knowledge.

For such a little gland the thyroid sure does have a big role in the body. Personally I believe the health and function of this gland is too often dismissed or overlooked by allied health. Much of the support that the thyroid needs is lifestyle and nutrition based, which Lisa and I discuss in this episode.

So if you have been wanting to know how to look after your thyroid this episode is for you!

What we cover

  • Thyroid Antibodies
  • Testing for the thyroid and this is not just the thyroid parameters
  • Lisa’s personal experience with thyroid abnormalities
  • Nutripenia and thyroid
  • Thyroid and menopause
  • Your weight and thyroid function
  • The connection between nature, your thyroid and autoimmune conditions
  • Postpartum and the thyroid

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Quotes that made me hum…


We can implement all these diet and lifestyle strategies that we know help to bring down thyroid antibodies, thereby conserving the function of the thyroid gland


The sex steroids (hormones) can have a stimulating or modulating action on the immune system. So when the femaie hormones are out of balance this impacts the thyroid,


You can put your auto immune disease into remission. I truly believe that because I have done that myself. There will be times when you have a flair and it reactivates but it’s just about understanding what your personal underlying drivers were.


If someone doesn’t haven’t enough T3 they could be eating lettuce and still gaining weight


If you have low thyroid hormones and high stress hormones and high insulin that’s when it (weight) becomes a problem.



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