How frustrating is it to sit in the doctors office, knowing that something isn’t right only to hear the words “All the results came back normal, there isn’t anything wrong with you”.

If you haven’t been here yourself let me tell you it is frustrating as all hell!

When you know that you feel rubbish, you know you are not your healthy, shiny, sparkliest self and you are told there is nothing wrong, it can come as a crushing blow.

Now what?

If you are currently in this position I do want to offer you a few pieces of wisdom from someone who has been there before…

  1. Don’t give up. You know your body better than anyone. Keep seeking answers because they are there.
  2. “Nothing wrong” is a good thing. This means there is nothing medically wrong with you. Often if something is medically wrong it can be quite serious or permanent. So take this as a positive.
  3. Just because your results are normal doesn’t actually mean there isn’t anything wrong with you.
My experience

For me the ‘feeling rubbish’ was detailed and layered.

It started with heading to doctors with recurring sore throats but never an infection. This progressed to a period that didn’t return after going off the pill, a worsening case of rosacea (read about that here) and an increasing list of foods that I was reacting too. You could say I was in a little bit of mess. But it was deemed that there was nothing wrong.

There are times that I thought it was all in my head. I was beginning to think that I was going to have to live like this. As someone who was in her late 20’s early 30’s when this began, the prospect of this was not appealing.

Don’t Give Up

That is where my first piece of advice “Don’t Give Up” comes from.

The ability to keep fighting for your health can be tiring. At times you do just throw your hands up in the air and think it’s all too hard. And if you are in this position or have found yourself in this position in the past, I want to let you know to honour that feeling. Take the rest. It is tiring. It is a mind game. It is an emotional rollercoaster.

When you feel able to continue to seek out different options, different opinions, different answers. Because they are out there.

They are often in the realm of holistic health. The reason for this is because it is likely that there isn’t just one thing that is causing your symptoms. It is likely to be coming from a range of areas.

This could be from a range of body systems. For example you are experiencing a loss of your period like I did. Sure this is a hormonal imbalance, but what is that the root cause of that hormonal imbalance? For me it was stress and it was my digestive health.

It could also be from a range of areas of your health. If we look at my increasing list of foods that I was reacting too, the underlying cause of this was very much mental. The symptoms where largely a result stress driven by my thoughts, my expectations of myself, the expectations I thought others had of me.

“There is nothing wrong” is a good thing

For me the common denominator was stress. That is not something that is easily tested for. That is not something that a pill can fix. Of course the doctor wouldn’t find anything wrong with me.

This is where my second piece of wisdom came from.

I came to realise this was a good thing. Because whilst undoing patterns of stress was not easy I am now an expert at it! And it’s also meant that once I undid those patterns I was not left with a condition to manage.

Normal isn’t always normal

The last piece of wisdom I would like to share is the idea that your results are normal so there is nothing wrong with you.

Three years of study and continually learning since has taught me that doctors reference ranges are quite large and where you sit in that range can make all the difference to your health and to the way you feel.

Years of seeing clients has also taught me that what is normal for you, is not normal for me, or anyone else. You are unique. You body and the way it works is unique to you and what is happening in your world at any given time. So just because your results are normal doesn’t actually mean there isn’t anything wrong with you.

Remember tests and reference ranges are only one piece of the puzzle when getting you back to your healthy, shiny, sparkliest self.


If this article rang true for you I invite you to book a Discovery Call with me. Together we can work to understand + heal the root cause of your symptoms or condition.