This week I am going solo to chat to you about Your Unique Timing. This is something I have been building on and integrating into my life for around 7 years now. For me it has weaved itself into this beautiful cycle that I flow and honour. Now it’s time to start to share that with others.

I really do believe that this has been key to healing as well as understanding myself.

For so long I resented my period, my cycle, as a nuisance. As someone who has had troublesome periods since the day they arrived, learning to love my period, love my cycle, has filled my soul. Understanding what is happening in my body on a physical level was so eye opening. Our bodies are amazing.

I don’t often do episodes like this, in fact I have never done an episode like this but I’m honestly so excited about Your Unique Timing, I feel it’s almost a disservice if I don’t talk about it. Because the beauty, the joy, the understanding and the peace that comes from understanding your Unique Cycle will change how you show up for yourself and to the world.

I am opening the doors to Your Unique Timing in just over a week. If you would love to be in this round (or the next if you missed this one) you can get on the wait list here.

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Quotes that made me hum…


I feel very strongly about this notion of unique timing. It has been key to helping me heal my menstrual issues. It has been key to helping improve my gut health and my rosacea and it most certainly helped me let go of my superwoman complex.


When you tune into your unique cycle, it allows you to understand how your body responds to each phase of your cycle. This will allow you to better manage your energy, your mood, your sex life, your work, your productivity, your exercise – it really does help with all areas of your life.


I believe a lot of women are feeling disconnected with themselves, with their bodies, as we have lost touch with this cycle and as such our own unique timings. This was certainly true for me.


It can be a tool you can also use to learn to know, like and trust yourself. Because everybody is the most beautiful human who deserves to love the shit out of themselves.


Find some guidance back to you.

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