Medical Astrology is absolutely something that makes me hum, so when I had the opportunity to interview Kira on this subject I jumped at it. The knowledge that Kira has is amazing. It was Kira who first introduced me to the concept of Medical Astrology during my last year at uni. Combining two of my favourite things helping people heal and astrology really did have me humming!!

Kira has over 20 years clinical experience as a Naturopath and Nutritionist. She sees clients, lectures, mentors and is regularly a speaker at events on the subject of Medical Astrology and Sports Nutrition.

As you will hear in this episode, Kira grew up with astrology being part of her life from a young age, mixed in with a science background. It’s very evident in the way Kira talks and describes Medical Astrology that it is very much a passion for her.

Whilst many may find the concept of Medical Astrology a little woo-woo, I would like to point out that until a few hundred years ago medicine was still taught with this very much a part of it. And the father of medicine himself Hippocrates stated A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.

This really does bridge science and spirituality or as Kira puts it the sacred and the science.


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Quotes that made me hum…


We are degree qualified now and there is this huge push towards evidence based practitioners, yet Naturopathy + Naturopathic Nutrition has always had a spiritual undertone to it and in someways I think we have lost a lot of that.


Each sign has different rulership over different body parts, systems and organs and so does each planet. And so its this whole kind of orchestra of what you were born with which shows your pre-dispositions to health and illness


We have the holistic triad, the mental, emotional + physical planes of health + illness… If you support one of the three parts of this triad, you will often assist the other parts as well.


We’re operating always as an emotional being we just don’t know it.


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