This episode was quite literally “speak even if your voice quivers’. I was so full of nerves before recording this one. It’s something I have wanted to do for a while but wasn’t sure if I should.

The topics of C*vid, vaccines and lockdowns are certainly charged with emotion. And I can totally understand why. I have been charged with emotion over these topics myself.

I have now ridden the waves of those emotions and it’s from that place I bring you this episode.

I want to make it very clear, this is my view based on my experiences, based on my research and based on my knowledge. It is not to be taken as medical advice and I urge you to speak to a health professional or in this case maybe even a few, so that you can get the advice that you need to make your own decisions.

In this chat I talk about my perspectives of

  • The fear generated

  • Fear vs Fear not Fear vs Freedom
  • Fear + uncertainty being completely normal
  • The effects the vaccines are having
  • My journey with my feelings on the vaccines
  • How the vaccine is like other products
  • Frustration that nutrition + lifestyle don’t get a look in
  • My personal vaccination experience

I know some people are going to have strong feelings about this episode – I know because I have had strong feelings about everything I have spoken about. I am more than happy to engage in conversations around this with anyone who comes with an open mind, kindness and compassion. That is what I will bring and what I expect in return.


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Quotes that made me hum…


There is the very real fear for some people that they will loose loved ones. There is the very real fear for some people that they feel like their right to choose has been taken away. Both of these come from a place of losing control.


Are balanced views being given – no they are not. It is very hard for anyone to come to the table without a level of bias. We are humans, with emotions, with beliefs – that will give us bias.


Oh was I all fired up whenever I spoke to anyone about it (the vaccine). My usual rational ability to see both sides of the situation was completely out the window.


Give yourself time to do what’s right for you – but don’t let mass media or social media be the only place you do your evaluating. Talk to people you trust. See more than one side.


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