Have you ever wanted to Find Your Hum in the work you do? Well this is the podcast for you.

We spend a large portion of our week at work, why shouldn’t it light us up! We were taught that work is well work, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

My guest, Nikki Smith, is a registered psychologist who focuses on career and performance coaching. Nikki is very practical about what to do if you find yourself in a job that isn’t making you hum. Whilst I do love the idea that life should make us feel energised I am very realistic in the fact that it can’t be like this 100% of the time. Life ebbs and flows, it works in cycles of ups and downs. And Nikki in her approach is very similar to this so I hope that you find this episode as useful and uplifting as I did.

During this chat we covered

  • Working to your strengths
  • Throwing out the work life balance term
  • What does a work performance coach do?
  • Mini experiments
  • The impact of your job on your health
  • Shifting your strengths to increase your hum
  • How changing an hour can impact your work and your health
  • The conditioning around what success is
  • Signs of burnout
  • Tips around what you can do if you find work is impacting your health

Nikki literally helps her clients find work that makes them hum and in this episode she shares how this is possible for you.

Dive into your strengths with Nikki’s Strengths Masterclass.

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Quotes that made me hum…


We all have a unique strengths combination and we typically undervalue it because they come to us more easefully and energise us.


People that are over working are typically trading off with either health or relationships or both… so what do we need to bring back into the week.


With the way we are wired it is very easy, for different reasons, to do more work than is good for our health.


There is an opportunity here for us to really get to know what kind of stories we have inhaled around us and what do we want to take forward.

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