Gut directed hypnotherapy is such an amazing therapy for those who have IBS. It works on addressing the underlying drivers of gut disorders, particularly those relating to emotional and mental triggers.

There is a lot of misconceptions about hypnotherapy which I discuss with Jayne in this episode. 

Personally I love combining therapies, particularly when dealing with chronic issues as it often takes a multi-pronged approach to really address what is happening. If you have been dealing with IBS or any gut disorder for a long time, Gut Directed Hypnotherapy may just be your missing link.

During this chat we covered

  • What is gut centred hypnotherapy
  • The different triggers for your IBS
  • What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • How it gut directed hypnotherapy works
  • Jayne’s IBS story

Jayne Corner is a gut directed hypnotherapist and gut health coach helping women get long lasting relief from IBS symptoms without restrictive diets or medication, even if they’ve been suffering for decades.

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Quotes that made me hum…


Hypnosis is a state where we can access the subconscious mind and bring it really to the front. This is how we can start to make changes based on suggestions to the digestive system.


Hypnosis is just a very deeply relaxed state of being. Your in a hypnosis when your driving the car and you’ve driven from point A to point B and you think oh my god I don’t remember driving.


Some people may have been living with IBS for a long, long time, there is a combination of emotional, of unhelpful thoughts we need to have a look at, so they are not triggering symptoms, there is a whole collective of things we need to work on.


At any point you can open your eyes… you always have control. It actually impossible for me to make someone do something that they wouldn’t normally do under normal waking awareness.