This episode marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the podcast. So who better to have on than the woman who gave me both the confidence and the practical know-how to get this – Karly Nimmo!

With five iTunes hit podcasts under her belt, including Karlosophies and Rock Your Mic Right, Karly Nimmo uses her voice and wisdom to guide us back to the truth of who we are so that we can show up and speak up as our fully expressed, most rad selves.

I went into this chat totally free-flow with no guide as to what I wanted to ask. It had me just a little nervouse because Karly is the Podcasting Goddess… But it was a fantastic conversation.

Normally I would put a list of things we talked about, but honestly it was hard to pinpoint. This episode is dedicated to being unashamedly yourself – really embracing and feeling comfortable with who you are, as Karly really has embraced expressing herself in a way that lights her up. 

A little trigger warning on this one too we do touch on themes of Sexual abuse, mental health, racism, sexism and gender so if these topics are areas you struggle with I would suggest skipping through to around the 40min mark and listening from there or skipping this episode. And if you do need someone to talk to please contact Lifeline in Australia or MIND in the UK – Links will be in the show notes.

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Quotes that made me hum…


Over the years I’ve formed such a relationship with myself, that I’m not an arsehole to myself.


There is a balance here. Yes it is about you and there are things you can take responsibility for. If you are finding yourself repeatedly in situations then maybe there is something you can own about that… but when it becomes this thing where is all about you and what you’ve done… (it becomes victim shaming)


Who am I at the core? Because I’m not all the expectations that have been put on me from parents, from society from our education system. I’m something that lives beyond all that stuff, so who is that. And slowly, slowly reconnecting with that over the course of the past 12 years


We need to give ourselves more space and be willing to show up and suck and then improve and gain more confidence. Confidence is a by-product of actually doing shit.


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Instagram: @karlosophies