I don’t even know where to start with describing how amazing the chat with Amelia was. Her energy and her passion for yoga philosophy and the eight limbs of yoga is infectious. I was totally captivated and buzzing both during and after this conversation.

Amelia sparked my interest in learning more about yoga philosophy and the eight limbs of yoga through what she shares over on her instagram page. I went into this conversation with only a very vague idea of these concepts. Amelia not only shares what she knows about yoga philosophy, she gives us so much to think about and reflect on in this chat. And shares some practical ways in which we can bring yoga philosophy and the foundations of yoga into our daily lives. 

During this chat we covered

  • How Amelia found yoga
  • What is yoga philosophy
  • What are the eight limbs of yoga
  • A deeper dive into Yamas and Niyamas
  • How to bring the broader practice of yoga into your daily life
  • The benifits of a self-practice

Amelia really does show us how through the board practice of yoga we really can understand and relate to the nature of the human experience. This is one of those episodes that you are going to want to re-listen too.

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Quotes that made me hum…


Yoga creates this space and it liberates us from that cycle of the roaming mind… over time and over lots of practices of yoga we move from a place of distraction towards more direction and space there


We experience our lives through our bodies so in many ways we need to honour it and look after our bodies


By practicing energy management vigor is gained. So by being more mindful of what is taking our energy we are actually having more energy, we are preserving it and cultivating our energy for things we actually need it for.


Through practicing being content we can experience more joy. And it’s not a joy thats built on external events, we’re not pinning our happiness on something that is changeable…. We are going inwards and finding that sense of contentment that nestled in our true nature.

Connect with Amelia

Instagram @ameliagrace.yoga

Website: Amelia Grace Yoga