Bridging Science + Spirituality, that really underpins what I do when I see clients. It’s a different approach as it involves healing on all levels – the physical, mental, emotional + energetic levels.

Understanding healing in this way can allow people to connect deeply with themselves allowing them to finally feel comfortable in their body – to really feel themselves.

Our bodies are amazing and hold so much wisdom. They are continually giving us clues and messages. When we approach healing in this way we can begin to understand our bodies on a much deeper level.

In this chat I talk about

  • What is holistic treatment

  • How a holistic approach can be taken for a hormonal condition
  • How a holistic approach can be taken for a digestive condition
  • Combining modern western and traditional therapies
  • Integrating the emotional + energetic healing with the physical
  • Understanding healing when approaching from all levels


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Quotes that made me hum…


We all have a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves that need attending too.


As well as a detective I also like to see myself as an interpreter. Much the same way as when we need someone to interpret spoken languages we don’t recognise, I do this with the body.


 I have come to realise that healing, especially for long standing chronic issues, happens not just on a physical level. It goes much deeper, it happens on an energetic + emotional level.


When we are healing the body it is so much more than just treating a symptom or set of symptoms. We really need to understand and listen to each of the different parts of our body to heal.


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