This podcast has us going back to basics with the female reproductive cycle – think of it as the female cycle 101.

I find that so many of my female clients don’t know about their cycles. When I think about it, there was never an opportunity given to us to learn about this. And the female cycle really is so amazing.

So with that in mind I thought I would record an episode based all around the basics of the female cycle.

In this chat I talk about

  • How to measure your cycle

  • The four phases of your cycle
  • How the cycle works
  • The different hormones involed
  • What those hormones do

If you would like a deeper understanding of your period I highly recommend getting your hands on the Unique Timing Tracker – it will be your super power!

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Quotes that made me hum…


Our periods are honestly a cycle that should be cherished they hold so much wisdom… I love the fact that it is a way I can connect with the wisdom that my body holds. 


 Because the pill works in a 28day cycle, everyone thinks this is the norm. However a cycle can go from 26-32 days.


The menstrual phase of the period is variable as too is the follicular phase, which means you won’t probably won’t ovulate at the same time each month. The idea that day 14 is the day you ovulate is given as a rough estimate. You need to learn how to read your body so you know when this is occurring.


I really do believe this is important to understand because from here we can then investigate what is happening in your body and work out where the dysfunctions are happening and look to correct them.


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