Did you know periods were meant to be pain free? Crazy right! We have been told for so long that it is just something you have to put up with if you are menstruating. Well I this does not have to be the case.

I have done a series of articles on this very topic recently and they have gotten so much attention I just had to put all the information together in a podcast episode for you.

Because really there is no better way to help you Find Your Hum than with a pain free period!

I have clients that use the tips I am giving you in the episode to have pain free periods in as little as a month! But generally by month 3 of their period.

In this chat I talk about

  • What causes period pain

  • The different types of period pain
  • Nutritional treatments to help with your period pain
  • Lifestyle treatments to help with your period pain
  • How I believe I ended up where I did now that I have studied health science
  • The gift that Endo has given me

If you would like a deeper understanding of your period I highly recommend getting your hands on the Unique Timing Tracker – it will be your super power!

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Quotes that made me hum…


“A common treatment of period pain is ibuprofen… or hormonal contraceptives…. Neither of these treatments do anything to address the underlying cause of what is happening”


The best news is that by following some simple diet and lifestyle changes you can notice a real difference in any common period pain you are experiencing. More often than not my clients find relief within their first cycle with a pain free cycle within 3 months.


These self care interventions really do empower us to become our own ‘condition manager’. It gives us a sense of agency not only over our menstrual pain but also our cycles.


Please don’t let period pain be normalised. You can experience the beauty that is your period without the pain that accompanies it.


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