Wrapping up the month dedicated to Endometriosis I thought I would share my own personal story with Endo.

I always share my stories, whether they be to do with my physical health or mental and emotional health or in this case a combination of both, in the hope that it can help at least one person. I hope that this epsiode can help you.

And I would highly recommend that anyone who is of menstruating age listen to these. Whilst they will be centred around Endometriosis, the information both my guests and I have to offer will most certainly help my menstruating listeners have periods that come and go with relatively few symptoms.

Also if you are a parent listening to this who has a daughter or my have a daughter in the future, I think my story may help you to help them not end up where I did.

In this chat I talk about

  • How Endometriosis impacted my life

  • What my symptoms were
  • How my condition progressed
  • How I believe I ended up where I did now that I have studied health science
  • The gift that Endo has given me

If you would like a deeper understanding of your period I highly recommend getting your hands on the Unique Timing Tracker – it will be your super power!

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Quotes that made me hum…


 it also wasn’t long until I had to start wearing a super tampon with a super pad because I couldn’t get from home to recess without the risk of overflowing if I just relied on one or the other. My period very quickly became a time of heightened anxiety for me, especially on the first 4 days.


The cycle of being prescribed different contraception to somehow help with my period continued well into my late 20’s. I have literally tried all kinds of contraception… They all worked for a time and then bam all the symptoms were back.


After reflecting back on this it is easy to see how I was creating the perfect storm within my body to encourage possibly the onset of endometriosis but most certainly the progression of the condition


For so long I hated my body. I hated that it didn’t work properly. That it kept dishing me up problem after problem… But now I can look back and thank it for where I am now.


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