This chat with Chelsea honestly felt like I was having a conversation with myself – we share such similar outlooks on healing. That is that healing goes beyond the physical to include the mental and emotional body.

We covered so much in regards to pain. Chelsea brings a great perspective of being able to find safety and pleasure despite any pain you are feeling. Whilst this episode has a basis in the pain that is experienced by endo suffers, it absolutely applies to anyone who has suffered with chronic pain – that is pain lasting more than 3 months. Some conditions that come to mind are fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, IBD’s, chronic fatigue syndrome.

When we are experiencing pain on a regular basis it really can become so consuming. We begin to feel so disconnected from our bodies. And from personal experience I know this disconnection really isn’t helpful for our healing so I hope you find some lovely ways to come back into your body.

In this chat we talk about

  • Chelsea’s Endo Story
  • The Mind Body Connection
  • What is Mind Body Syndrome and how it can play a role in pain
  • Balancing our feminine and masculine energies
  • Loving our bodies
  • What to do when pain stops us from having pleasure in the bedroom

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Quotes that made me hum…


It’s understanding if this pain isn’t causing me more damage how can I find safety in emotions… that pain could be from unresolved emotions from trauma that has just been held in your body forever.


It is so much easier to focus on the physical things like the surgery, the medications, the diet and the tangible things that are meant to make you feel better, because they are tangible… instead of looking inward and looking at your emotions and doing the mindset work and all of these somatic things… it almost feels woo-woo and out there… but it has to be all of it.


I remember being so angry and so mad with my body for not being able to do the things that a normal 20 year old could do. And I think it really comes back to finding safety in your body. Even if it’s just one really little tiny thing a day.


If you do have pain with sex… What makes the environment where your erotic self feels welcomed and safe… figuring out what you like and allowing yourself to be a sensual being – because you are.

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