It was amazing to chat with Jessica – to connect with someone who is as passionate about Endo and SIBO as I am and who has also battled through both of these conditions. We really do dive into Jessica’s own personal experience with both of these conditions but also how she works with her clients to allow them to live and thrive with these conditions.

During this chat we covered

  • Jessica’s Endo Story
  • Some great recommendations to help with pain
  • Co-existing conditions with Endometrosis
  • Jessica’s SIBO – Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth – Story
  • How to approach treatment for both of these conditions
  • The causes of your symptoms outside of your endo

This chat will give you a wonderful perspective of Endometriosis from outside of the period.

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Quotes that made me hum…


Some clients present with a lot of pain to the point they can’t make progress, they can’t even do the diet or the lifestyle changes because they can’t see through the pain


80% of those with Endo have SIBO


Celebrate each win. If your pain shifts down… or your energy feels a little bit better, even if it’s just one part of the day, celebrate that. You have managed to do that.


People just assume that all of the symptoms are down to endo and there can’t be any other factors that could be contributing to the symptoms