March is Endometriosis Awareness Month so I will be dedicating the month of March to exploring Endometriosis in more detail.

And I would highly recommend that anyone who is of menstruating age listen to these. Whilst they will be centred around Endometriosis, the information both my guests and I have to offer will most certainly help my menstruating listeners have periods that come and go with relatively few symptoms.

In todays episode I am going solo as I really wanted to shake off the idea that Endometriosis is a hormonal condition and start to explore the immune dysfunction and chronic inflammatory state that Endometriosis really is.

In this chat I talk about

  • What is Endometriosis + it’s symptoms

  • How the immune system dysfunction plays a role in Endometriosis
  • What is driving the inflammation
  • Why we often see gut conditions with Endometriosis – hello Endo Belly
  • Where hormones play their role in Endometriosis
  • Ways of treating the underlying immune dysfunction


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Quotes that made me hum…


We really need to look at endo for what it is – whole-body inflammation, with a heightened immune response and microbial influences.


Endo is affected by oestrogen but not caused by it. This means that hormonal treatments either medical (the contraceptive pill or injections) or natural (hormone modulating herbs) can relieve symptoms but do little for the actual endometriosis.


A high level of gram-negative bacteria is common within the pelvic region of women with endometriosis. This bacteria is mainly e-coli. 


So rather than painting oestrogen out to be the bad guy here what we need to do is address the immune function so we aren’t as sensitive to oestrogen and can enjoy the normal oestrogen fluctuations over the course of our cycle.


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