Hannah opens up and shares with us how truly amazing the body can be. It was through this deep understanding that she has been able to heal and now encourages others to do the same. Her passion + enthusiasm for what she does and the food she creates is truly infectious!

During this chat we covered

  • Staying sane in lockdown
  • The wonder and beauty of food
  • The expansiveness of the health
  • The absolute wonder of the body
  • How there is absolutely a place for both natural and allopathic medicine
  • We also talk about eating disorders. If this chat triggers you please reach out to the Butterfly Foundation in Australia or MIND in the UK.

This chat was the perfect way to bring back the podcast.

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Quotes that made me hum…


I still sometimes now can’t believe that food which was so toxic and harmful for me for so long is now what I do for a job – it’s very bizarre but amazing


You might not be interested in cooking but there is likely something else that you are passionate about or you are in a relationship that you want to work well. The better you feed yourself or nourish yourself… the better everything works


It just became this routine and this habitual thing that I did, something to hold onto that was constant when everything around me was changing and I felt like I had no control of anything around me


All the little things that you don’t like or that you are interested in that are weird they are actually the best bits. Do them more and embrace them more… just love every bit of who you are

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