I know, I know that word journey… but I want you to stop for a moment and really think about what a great journey entails. The kind of journey that you remember forever, talk about for years after and catch yourself randomly smiling about…

Those journeys aren’t the smooth ones that were perfectly executed. I mean where is the good story in that.

The journeys that create the memories, the journeys that change you – those journeys have twists you didn’t see coming. Those journeys probably had you retracing steps. They definitely would have had times when you were pushed out of your comfort zone.

That my friend is what every good journey should be like.

Your health, your wellness, your life journey is no different.


We are designed to evolve and change

We as humans are designed to evolve and change. We have been doing so for hundreds and thousands of years. It is how we have managed to exist where other species have become extinct. You only have to look back 20 years to see how quickly we can change.

20 years ago we didn’t have the ability for the general population to have access to the internet from a device that could fit in their pocket. Now I’m sure you could argue if that is evolution in some cases, but the point being, we as humans are here to adapt and to change.


Are we losing our abilty to change?

It seems that as we have moved towards a world that is more civilised, with creature comforts, with technology, we have lost our ability to be adaptive. To respond to change.

Living in more primitive conditions we were much more aware of what was happening around us and within us. We had to be to survive. Change of seasons, changing weather patterns, differing food sources available. Now this barely affects us – in fact we moan if we have to take an umbrella or  it’s too hot.


That feeling of change

Many of us know that something in our lives needs to change. We see others around us that have made the changes we want to make. We can see that it is possible. However many of us are comfortable in feeling uncomfortable in our current situation. Because that feeling of uncomfortable – that is a familiar feeling and we feel safe in it.

Actually changing, moving towards what we know we want – that uncomfortableness is unfamiliar and scary. And so we stay with the familiar feeling.


A little advice

As someone who looks back 4 years, 6 years, 10 years and can see that her life has done a total 180 on more than one occasion, my advice to you is – just take one step. Don’t try and leap. Change is easier and more sustainable when it is done thoughtfully and with deliberate actions.

Find people who can help you get there. I have used many people along my journey. Nutritionists, energy workers, psychologists, physios, chiropractors, business. + mindset coaches, personal trainers… We work better when we are supported. Each different phase and stage will require something new and different. Have fun with the exploration.

Give yourself time. You have to let the different parts of you catch up. The perfect example: My body was loving and thriving on the exercise and the eating I had started to include into my life. My emotions on the other hand where ‘missing’ the sweet treats. And I say ‘missing’ as it wasn’t the sweet treats my emotions needed. It was just my bodies way of telling me that part of my health needed attending too.

Most importantly you have to let go of the life that bought you to the situation that made you feel uncomfortable. Remember we are here to evolve and change. I wrote a post on this which you can find here. Letting go does not mean forgetting or dismissing. It means you are no longer tied.

Let yourself be moved. Let it be light. Let it be different.


If you would like support along your journey please reach out. I have a 20 minute chat available to anyone who would like the support.