I’m not sure about you but I am actually beginning to feel a little weary after everything that has happened this year. I’m not just talking about COVID.

It hasn’t been a secret that the past 18 months for me has been tough but allowed me to grow in so many ways – it really has changed me. I feel a huge need to pause + integrate everything that has happened this year.

In this weeks episode I am sharing with you how I have decided to stop juggling all the balls in the hope that if you are feeling the same, it inspires you to put one or two down for a period.


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Quotes that made me hum…


Feelings, thoughts, situations that you think you have dealt with and conquered love to pop in from time to time, just so they can have a little attention.


My determination, drive, focus have not been looked upon by this person as strengths. It left me feeling like I wanted to shrink myself. Those feelings of being too much bubbled back up to the surface. This during a time when I really am trying to figure out who I truly am has been interesting.


When we truly know our worth and what we bring to the table … we get to live in our fullest expression of ourselves – and is there anything really more wonderful than that


I hope me putting down a ball actually gives you permission to put down some of the balls that you are juggling from time to time so you can continue to live a life that makes you hum.


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