This is by far the most delicious conversation I have had on the podcast!

When I was toying with the idea of podcasting I had a list of people I wanted to interview, Sarah was one of the first to go onto the list. This lady has been so inspiring to me for so many years, it was truly a privilege + an honour to interview her.

Sarah so generously shares so much of her own self during this episode. It’s through this sharing, through her knowing, that she can share with us how to cultivate inner knowing within ourselves.

In this chat we talk about

  • Self care
  • Journaling
  • Remembering what brings you joy + leaning into that
  • How to get yourself out if you find yourself stuck in a role
  • Goal-getting that leaves you humming not beating yourself up
  • Linking strategies + mindset

Sarah is super generously offering listeners a $30 discount on the Journal to Life normally $97 so you pay just $67 for the experience. It is only available for the next 2 weeks so get in by the 10th of October and get journalling! Use the code FindYourHum. Find the course here.

You will see during our chat that Sarah is the most down to earth, real ‘dork’ around. You will not be able to not love her.


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Quotes that made me hum…


Start in a way that feels good + fits into real life, there is not perfect place to journal…. Give yourself permission to try different approaches, different times of day, different places to journal, different styles of journaling so you can hit on the one that works best for you.


Ongoing practice of being present, of just continuing to notice and to notice where I am off kilter, to notice where my energy is going, to notice how I am feeling and to give myself permission… that gentle, gentle, gentle coming back to self…


I feel like we are all the keys for each other at the moment unlocking all this magic + possibility + potential that perhaps we haven’t always been able to see in ourselves but has always been there.

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