Hands up if this year has gone how you have planned it…? Anyone….?

I know my certainly hasn’t. I ended up on the other side of the world! And trust me I did not see that one coming a year ago.

Each year I like to look back over my lap around the sun. I find it so rewarding. So insightful. This year I’m sharing what I’ve taken from the previous 12 months with you on the podcast. And can I say it’s been such a huge period of personal and emotional growth for me.

In this episode I share

  • How it felt to be alone on my birthday
  • How I came to be in England
  • The numerous learnings I have had
  • The wins
  • How I have shown up for myself
  • The ways in which I have grown
  • The tools that have helped me


Whilst we may not always get what we planned – we always get what we need… That sums up exactly what my 38th Lap Around the Sun has been! Exactly what I needed….

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Quotes that made me hum…


There was an empty seat next to me, it was meant to be where he was sitting. It was a very stark reminder that I was alone. There were some tears. Then I had the thought… that seat represents possibility. The space in my life where possibility can now flourish


You have given yourself everything you ever wanted and it was as simple and as difficult as loving, respecting + trusting yourself….


It feels like who I was before is totally gone. And not in a sad way. Like the person I was needed to end. In reading back over where I was a year ago, that person wasn’t happy. She was looking outside of herself for her happiness. And I wondered why I was never happy.


The words that go down on that page when I’m journalling honestly amazes me at times. There is so much wisdom inside of us if we can just get out of our own way to allow it to come through.


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