Ah… Relationships… Aren’t they so damn interesting!

Well Leanna is going to show us a tool that will allow you look at the roles that you play in your relationships. And not just your romantic relationships, this covers all relationships, even the one with yourself.

We all move through these roles as we interact with others. There are parts to each that we need. And you will hear Leanna very openly share the parts that she has played + also how much she admires each one of these roles.

In this chat we talk about

  • Each of the roles we play in relationships
  • How the roles express themselves
  • The cure for each of the roles
  • How to get yourself out if you find yourself stuck in a role
  • How understanding each of these roles highlights where you have moved away from parts of yourself

You will need a pen + paper for this one. Not only are you going to want to take notes, you may just have to do a little drawing…

This Leanna’s second time on the Podcast. If you missed her first episode head here to have a listen!


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Quotes that made me hum…


Resentment is your friend because it alerts you when your glass or your fuel tank has just one under half full.


As humans we get so distracted with thinking about everyone else + what they’re not doing right, what they’re doing to bug us, what they’re doing to drive us crazy. But that is not a place as empowering as just what am I doing? What could I be doing? And what choices do I have?


Under a new awareness about yourself there is lightness, there is joy, there is understanding, there is compassion + there is choice. So it’s a good thing!


There is a falseness that came on online when I pretended I didn’t need