Continuing the skin + gut health theme this episode is one close to my heart. Having personally experienced both SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) + Rosacea this is one topic love discussing!

Now whilst you don’t necessarily have to have Rosacea to have SIBO, SIBO is an underlying driver in Rosacea.

SIBO is also one of the main causes of a very common syndrome – Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 1 in 9 people experience IBS so if you are the 1 in 9 or know someone is this episode will also be super helpful for you too.

In this episode I’m the interviewee! I’ll be sharing all the goodness exploring SIBO + Rosacea. This episode is an interview I did with Marni from on their Podcast Heal Thy Skin.

Now you don’t need to have Psoriasis to gain lots of useful knowledge from this episode, particularly around how our Gut Health can impact our health in general.

In this chat we talk about

  • What is the link between SIBO and Rosacea?

  • Common misconceptions of Rosacea
  • What is SIBO
  • Symptoms + treatment of SIBO
  • Risks of leaving SIBO untreated was created to provide education, community and treatment options and to support you every step of the way following skin trauma, disease or injury. has got your back throughout your entire skin health journey; from discovery and first diagnosis, to treatment options, community support networks, through to providing a source of referrals for professionals.

Whether you’re a patient, carer or treatment provider, the Dermhealth,.co platform is dedicated to you.

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Quotes that made me hum…


I don’t think people appreciate the impact that both of these conditions can have on your overall quality of life. And experiencing them both together is like a double whammy.


The underlying causes of a patients SIBO needs to be understood and worked on if the SIBO treatment is to work. Many SIBO cases replase or can take a couple of rounds to eradicate due to stubborn underlying causes or the chronic nature of the SIBO itself.


You can still be malnourished with even the best diet. This can lead to a host of other conditions or continue to make conditions they already have worse.


The body though is always trying to keep us safe and return to that homeostasis point where everything is working as it should be. If we give it what it needs it will work for us.


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