Episode #14: My Personal Skin Health Story


Couldn’t have a month dedicated to Skin Health + not share my own story. Especially as my skin health has very much been apart of what lead me to being a Nutritionist in the first place.

Now this is not a prescriptive podcast. This is really me sharing my story.

Like many of these episodes you don’t need to be dealing with a particular condition to get a takeaway from what I share. In this episode I’m actually not going to go too in depth with the ‘how-to’ healing aspect of rosacea. What I want to share with you is my own experience with it. Which is why you don’t need rosacea to hopefully find something useful in what I share.

The fact is majority of us have or are dealing with something in our lives that we may be hiding, that we may be letting hold us back, that we may be finding a constant battle. I know when I share my experiences that it allows others to find hope in their situations so I hope that this episode also does that.

In this episode I reflect on + explore

  • How my rosacea affected more than just my skin
  • Unnoticed signs
  • The length of time that I have had rosacea
  • My battles with my self-esteem
  • Listening + loving your body
  • Appreciation of the trials + tribulations that we are given

If anything in this podcast raises any concerns for you and you need to speak to someone please reach out to Beyond Blue or Lifeline if you are in Australia or MIND if you are in the UK.

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Quotes that made me hum…


I have suffered with Rosacea now for many years – 5 to 6 years ago now. I do say suffered. Now this isn’t because I am cured of it. Because I’m not and I’m sure that is obvious some days when I show up on my insta feed. In fact some people believe that you can never be cured of it as it’s a chronic condition.


I’m a social and bubbly person, this was taken away that part of me. I would cry after looking at myself in the mirror and in photos.


My body is it’s happiest when it is moving. When we sit for too long, this can actually be a stress on the body.


I am a resilient person but when what you’re fighting against is looking back at you each day, it’s hard to keep that fighting spirit. Those words ‘what I was fighting against’ those were exactly how I was feeling. Not just with the rosacea but with my health, both physical and mental. I felt like it was me against my body and my mind. And I was loosing the battle.


For the first time in a long time though I don’t look in the mirror and feel down about what is staring back at me.

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