I’m dedicating August to investigating the link between Gut Health + our skin.

To kick it off I’m diving into the connection between Gut Health + Psoriasis.

This episode will be a little different to the usual interview you hear. In this episode I’m the interviewee! I’ll be sharing all the goodness exploring the connection between our Gut Health + Psoriasis. This episode is an interview I did with Marni from Dermhealth.co on their Podcast Heal Thy Skin. It was actually the second episode I had the pleasure of doing with Marni (the first will be aired later in the month), but I wanted to share this one first as it really dives into the connection between our gut and our skin.

Now you don’t need to have Psoriasis to gain lots of useful knowledge from this episode, particularly around how our Gut Health can impact our health in general.

In this chat we talk about

  • What is the link between gut health and skin health?

  • The link between gut health and psoriasis

  • Misconceptions around Gut Health
  • How do we incorporate probiotics into our diets?
  • Three pieces of advice for someone with gut symptoms that may also be experiencing a skin condition.


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Quotes that made me hum…


Most people don’t understand how wide reaching the effect of their gut health can be. Many would just assume it’s affecting their gut and giving them symptoms of bloating, consitpation or diarherroa. But It can literally affect every system in your body.


The skin and the gut have similar roles – they defend our body against pathogens and both have beneficial bacteria population.

Our gut keeps toxins and infections at bay and our skin helps eliminate some of the waste that occurs through this process, this is why our skin can be a marker for an unhealthy gut.


Candida is a yeast normally found in our gut…

When this overgrowth happens in our gastrointestinal tract it can cause a whole host of problems like general digestive upsets, but also aching joints, energy slumps and skin infections and psoriasis


Pay attention to your bodies response to foods.

Look for any foods that may increase symptoms of your skin condition.

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