A couple of weeks back I held a workshop in conjunction with a training studio I work with + I spoke about the connection between your gut health, stress + your mood. It was so well received and the feedback was really positive. This prompted me to share it with you here on the podcast.

So I’m diving back into boosting your mood with good food. I did dive into this back in episode 2 The Gut and Your Mental Health so if you haven’t listened to that one, pop back and do so as that one is a deeper dive into the neurotransmitters that keep us happy and motivated + how your gut health affects them, but also touches on inflammation as a driver to poor gut health + a decrease in your mood.


In this episode I explore

  • How gut health impacts your mood
  • How gut health impacts body composition
  • Impacts of stress on your gut health
  • How when combining nutrition exercise + massage you are giving your gut the best chance to be healthy through mitigating some of the effects of stress
  • How your gut health + stress can lead to changes in your body composition

When we feel happy and good about life and ourselves, we make better decisions. These include the food we eat, the exercise we do or don’t do and the way we spend our spare time.

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Quotes that made me hum…


The link between the gut and our mood is becoming more and more clear as we see people who experience anxiety and depression related conditions also experiencing IBS to some degree. And IBS is generally a pretty good indicator that your gut is not happy.


A typical “Western diet” … disrupts the balance of “good” bacteria within the digestive tract. This shift in microbiota results in changes to the digestive environment causing fat accumulation and weight gain.


Unfortunately in todays world we are spending more and more time in the heightened fight and flight state. And with so many people experiencing unrestful sleep we aren’t even able to move into the rest + digest state overnight.


If we don’t manage this stress then the impact on our body composition will be greatly affected and no amount of dieting or exercise will allow you to achieve your goals.


No one lives a stress-free life but the calming ‘feel’ good effect that you feel when you get a massage is the result of lowered levels of cortisol, our stress hormone

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