This episode is a little different from my previous solo shows. Today I am not teaching you anything related to the way your body works and the food you need to put in it to help you be at your best.

Today marks a year ago that I finished uni. So I am sharing with you reflections that I have had looking back. That day a year ago came with so many mixed emotions. Those have come back up again. As I am a strong believer in our emotional + mental health being just as important as our physical health to lead us to a life that makes us hum, I wanted to share this with you. It’s usually something I leave for the blogs, but today I am opening up the vuneralbility and sharing it with you here on the podcast.

I have also enjoyed looking back over how what I thought I wanted to do with my life at school was completely different to where I find myself now.

In this episode I reflect on + explore

  • Holding + experiencing mixed feelings
  • Changes that occur in our lives
  • How I somehow managed to do exactly what a quiz in high school pointed me to do
  • What I love about nutrition
  • How my previous work life has helped me be the practitioner I am today
  • The need to be in the season you are
  • Appreciation of what you have accomplished

Embracing all parts that make you up, embracing all the emotions that you are feeling – this is what makes us human, lets us know we are alive. I hope my reflecting on this has allowed you to see that it is also possible in your life too.

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Quotes that made me hum…


That day came with it so many mixed feelings. There was courage, joy, hurt + sadness…


And now here I was just having completed a health science degree. A degree that involved science. My least favourite subject at school


I always had a huge pull to letting people know how good they were meant to feel…. Honestly the explaining how the body works, how what you are eating, the way you are moving and how you are feeling all affects this in ways that people understand is what lights me up.


I look back over the past year – What really have I done?

And the fact of the matter is I haven’t done. And that was exactly what I needed to do. I needed to not do.


At every moment of every day we have the chance to start a new – I believe this is a great learning for us all to embrace.


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