In this week’s episode I’m joined my dear friend, fellow nutritionist and absolute gorgeous soul – Claudia Vidor, to discuss Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) is often misdiagnosed or even undiagnosed + hence the need to bring awareness to this condition.

Those with HA experience months + months of not having a menstrual cycle. And despite what you may be told this is not ok, it cannot be fixed by taking the oral contraceptive pill and it is reversible.

As both Claudia + I love all things hormones + women’s health we also dive into the importance of having a healthy + regular menstrual cycle. Much like I discussed in the Men’s Health episode, balanced hormones are much more than reproduction. This extends to your moods, your energy and even your bone health.

In this chat we talk about

  • What is Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

  • How Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is diagnosed

  • Treatment of Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

  • The importance of the menstrual cycle

  • Claudia’s personal experience with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Claudia’s the most gorgeous soul on every level. Her energy, her nurturing nature and her accent just make me melt! She was so supportive during such a pivot part of my life – during my first pregnancy, my miscarriage, finishing up uni and the breakdown of my relationship. And she continues that loving support even through we are on opposite sides of the world. I know she approaches all of her clients in the same way she helped me. I know you will feel this during our chat. Dive in!

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Quotes that made me hum…


It’s a condition in which the menstruation stops because there is a lack of communication between the hypothalamus (within the brain) + the reproductive system.


Cholesterol has such bad wrap out there but cholesterol is the father of our sex hormones. So without fat we aren’t going to be able to have a regular menstrual cycle.


I didn’t realise the importance of having all your hormones in balance… until the kids didn’t come.


HA is absolutely reversible… don’t postpone recovery. The more you postpone it, the more difficult it is to get started with your life.


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