How good does it feel to be able to achieve your goals? It’s seriously the best feeling! Yet for so many their fitness + movement goals are always somewhat elusive.

The reason you may be struggling could just very well the key to unlocking what is stopping you.

In this episode I explore a how stubborn fat loss could point you in the direction of what you need to focus on to smash those goals. And can I tell you, it’s not about training harder or longer or eating less.

This is not just for the ‘athletes’.

I have been incredibly fortunate to work alongside some great trainers in my career + with them some amazing people. From everyone attempting those crazy multi-day endurance events, to lining up for world championships, from the weekend warriors wanting to PB in a race through to those wanting to be fit + active as they head into retirement.

It is with this first hand knowledge that I have come across some key patterns that hinder hitting those fitness goals. And I wanted to share that with you in this episode.


In this episode I explore

  • The effects of stress
  • An overview of adrenaline + cortisol our stress hormones
  • Inflammation
  • Hormones
  • The thyriod
  • The role of stomach acid
  • Digestive health

Having personally experienced all the above and helped so many people hit their goals, I know that you can improve the way you are feeling and smash those goals that you have too. You just need the right people on your team.


PLEASE NOTE: This podcast is generalised information and should never be taken over actual medical advice.

The information that I am providing here is just that, information. If you hear something that you resonates with then please speak  with a qualified natural health practitioner. You can book a free 15-min chat with me here  

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Quotes that made me hum…


So why the focus on fat loss? If you are having trouble shifting stubborn fat it is a good sign that you body is not working optimally.


Middle-aged spread, dad bod and those hormonal fluctuations that can leave some women less than desirable company… Whilst these are common to experience they are not normal.

This is actually your body trying to tell you that it is not balanced.


Stress, infections, poor liver detoxification and oestrogen dominance which can be seen in both males and females can all affect our thyroid function.


I feel addressing the digestive system is a crucial factor in hitting your goals and nailing your fat loss. If this is not functioning optimally neither can any of your other body systems.


A great way to not only support fat loss, but help our body thrive is to change our primary source of energy from carbohydrates to fats. And I’m not talking about Keto here.

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