I think it’s interesting that we are experiencing a situation through this Coronavirus outbreak, that is forcing us to distance ourselves physically from each other and yet also come together as a community.

This community has many levels.

  • What can we do to help support and protect those closest to us who may be vulnerable in these times?
  • What can we do as a community to support each other, help ease the burden on our resources and still have a sense of connection?
  • What can we do as a global community, how can we come together to ensure we are collectively approaching this rather than containing ourselves in bubbles.

Our disconnection as a community, over recent times has meant we do live our lives in bubbles. Modern technology means we are connected 24 hours, to work, to the news, to our friends and family. And yet we have lost the real connection we have to our human side. Whilst we are aware to a degree how our actions can affect the collective, the Coronavirus has made it very obvious that we are all connected. What we, as individuals, as communities, as countries, choose to do in this moment will have a ripple effect.


If we act from a place of selfishness we have the very real chance of it affecting our community, at all levels, in a negative way. From piling your trolley full of unneeded items through to not washing your hands or going out in public if you are unwell. These actions have very real consequences the community at all levels.

Thees actions are driven from a place of scarcity, fear and lack of compassion for those around us.

They are driven from a place of disconnection. If we were really connected we would not be driven from a place of scarcity, fear and lack.

Moving away from the emotive side, lets be very real. We live in the Western world. The vast majority of us have our basic needs met. There are PLENTY of resources (yes that does include toilet paper) to go around. We do not need to live in this place of fear. Because we have seen time and time again when we are suffering our community does come to help. The recent bushfires in Australia are the perfect example – the world came to help. This will be no different. Connect back into that.

This is happening. The coronavirus is going to alter our current way of life. But it won’t be forever. Nothing is forever. Life moves in cycles. This will too.

Resisting, complaining and denial will not help. Living in a state of fear will not help. Energy feeds energy. We only have to look at the current panic buying. Fear and scarcity has lead to more fear and scarcity.

We can also look to Italy where scenes of people are coming together, even in midst of isolation, to lift each other up, have started to flood social media. A sense of connection through the shared common experience has lead to connection and support despite the physical distance imposed.

Instead of feeding into the negativity, let’s find new ways of doing life. How can we support each other? What can you do where you are with what you have to support those close to you? Those in the community? And ultimately globally? Because the ripple effect does happen. Don’t discount how much impact you can have. Let that impact been positive.

The best place to start your ripple is with you. I’ve written a few pointers on how to naturally boost your immune system which you can find here.