Are you confused about what to eat? A great Health and Nutrition Coach or as they are sometimes referred to as a Food and Nutrition Coach, will be able to help clear up this confusion.


There is so much contradictory information around food. Should I be paleo? Is sugar really the devil? What about being vegetarian? Vegan? Does eating carbs after 4pm make me fat?


And well the answer to all of these questions is yes and no and maybe… We are all individuals and what is optimal for one isn’t necessary right for another. Additionally what suits your body today may change in 6 months time.


With this I bet you are thinking “Great, how am I every supposed to understand all the food information.”


That’s where a great Health and Nutrition Coach comes in.

A good Health and Nutrition Coach takes you through all this, allowing you to understand YOUR needs, to listen to YOUR body. Nobody sits down to a block of chocolate or a bottle of wine and thinks to themselves “I am going to feel so much better after smashing all this down.” In fact we probably know that we will actually feel lousy after it, emotionally berating ourselves, vowing never to do it again. Rather than just telling you not to eat the cake, a Health and Nutrition Coach will help you identify what triggers you to empty a packet of chips and put some strategies in place next time a trigger appears.


As with any great coach, a Food and Nutrition Coach with the goods doesn’t just give you a plan they may have given to 100’s of other clients. Through the coaching relationship they work with you, taking into account your goals and the structure of your life. There is an understanding that energy and nutrient requirements change not only person to person but individually daily, weekly and monthly. With this knowledge they will guide you towards being confident to alter your own nutrition to meets these needs.


A great Nutrition Coach will educate you and give you the skills to be able to confidently choose foods that nourish. This allows you to trust yourself to make decisions about your health. No more food fear, no more restrictions, just a way of eating that makes you feel good, gives you energy and adds to, not detracts from your health.


To be able to provide you with this great education the coach must be educated themselves. This education goes beyond their own journey. Whilst an understanding of how challenging making changes can be is good, we are all individual so what worked for them may not work for you. Education should include both an understanding of food and how that effects the body and also the psychology behind eating behaviours. You need to look for a coach that has gained their qualification from a reputable company and this is pretty easy to judge has they will also generally have a membership to a professional body, professional indemnity and public liability insurances. These are questions you can ask of your coach. If they have completed formal education they will not be offended and will happily answer your questions.


Whilst many people look towards what they are eating as the main catalyst to hitting their health goals, the fact is many factors contribute including the amount of physical activity you do, the stress present, sleep patterns and most importantly how these all work together. A great Health and Nutrition Coach will look at your life and lifestyle factors in an all-inclusive way, helping you arrive at a place where these are balanced to optimise your health.


You want a coach you can feel comfortable with and relate to. This is important as their style of coaching will have an impact on your health outcomes. There are a few ways you can determine this. Many coaches will have a blog or website in which you can have a look around and read some of the content to see if it resonates with you. Utlising the free consultations that Health and Nutrition coaches sometimes offer are another good way. This allows you to chat through any concerns you have, find out how they work and the approach they take towards assisting their clients. Many people feel uncomfortable about these, thinking they are going to get the ‘hard sell’. However coaches make these consultations available for the very reasons I mentioned, to make sure you are comfortable moving forward. As a coach, the best outcome is seeing their client reach their goals, so this relationship is important. And if they do put the ‘hard sell’ on you and it didn’t feel right, then you know they weren’t the right coach for you,


In summary when looking for a great Health and Nutrition Coach,

  • choose one that values education, both within themselves and teaching others,
  • treats each client as a individual,
  • considers all lifestyle factors,
  • doesn’t have an overbooked client list and;
  • works with your goals.


If you would like to chat about your health and nutrition further, whether it be a lack of energy, trouble sleeping, understanding why you can’t ‘stick to a diet’, eating to support a goal, navigating food intolerance’s or allergies, dealing with gut issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth or heartburn, please check out my Work With Me Page and book yourself a free 15 minute chat. You can also find out more about how I became a Health and Nutrition Coach here.


Just remember it is your health so ensure that you feel comfortable with the relationship you have with your coach and their level of ability to help you with your goals. Find a life that makes you hum!


The Nourishing Way