I don’t even know where or how to start this blog. I did something pretty epic in my life last week.

I resigned from my very stable, secure job to chase my dreams. To go and find my hum.

As a teen, all I wanted was to be was CEO of Cadbury’s. There was something about being in charge. But more than being in charge it was about the final decision stopped with me. I wanted to make decisions and impact life. I wanted a job with autonomy. And the purely vain part of me wanted a job where I could wear a suit and heels!

I landed that exact job four years ago. During the past four years, whilst I wasn’t a CEO (not even close…) I did have a job that met what the teenage version of myself wanted.

However over this time a new passion has arisen. My love for nutrition.

The things that excite you are not random.

They are connected to your purpose.

Follow them.

Actually it’s more than just nutrition. It’s a love for empowering people to live their best lives – to find their hum. I have explored this more and more in my own life and feel absolutely amazing from it.

Whilst it started with nutrition. It has grown to include the way I move my body, how I think of my body, how I think of myself, how I show up in my world and most importantly an awareness of I how feel. For me this begins with good nutrition.

Food provides us with the nutrients to create the energy to run our bodies. Energy is such an important factor in how we show up in our lives. So this is why I’ve made the leap to begin full time uni studies with Endeavour College of Natural Health completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine).

The emotions that this bought up was huge. I am such a cautious person. Risk adverse. Always doing the safe, expected thing. To wrestle with staying safe and the strong pull towards this new thing that lit me up was quite a learning experience. To move from what you thought was your thing to something completely different. For me this was business operations to nutrition. Heck, I didn’t even do any science subjects past year 10 (19 years ago!) and here I am knee deep in human biology and biochemistry. And absolutely loving it!

This leap didn’t come without its challenges. Internal personal challenges. I felt it was a change in who I was. It was a breaking down of some pretty strongly held beliefs I had about myself. It was a long very considered process with the final decision to leap coming only after I had thoroughly thought everything through and gained a massive amount of trust in myself. Trust that I can do this, I can make it work and I can leap without knowing where I’ll land and I will be ok.


“Embrace the uncertainty.

Enjoy the beauty of becoming.

When nothing is certain, anything is possible.”

This is ultimately what I want The Nourishing Way to give. I want it to inspire, help and support others to be able to find the hum I feel. The kind of excitement that you feel through your whole body.

This leap is going to allow me to explore this on so many more levels. It will allow me to share this with you – inspiring and supporting you to live your hum. That for me is the most exciting part of this. Showing you how incredible life can be.

The Nourishing Way.