Have you noticed that it seems whatever you read or listen to at the moment it’s all about goals and resolutions? Making sure you have something to work towards. Putting actions behind those goals. The 10 best ways to ensure you hit your goals in 2017. I’m actually a goal setter and even I have felt overwhelmed and just a little bombarded with these messages. It almost makes me feel exhausted with the pressure of having to achieve. I’m sure others must feel the same.

I wrote on self-love, choosing your own path and making 2017 a year you can look back on and feel joy in an earlier last blog post – you can read that here. Today I want to help support you with this. This is not a pep talk on smashing your goals, this is a few words on how I can help you have the energy to create momentum in your life. I want you to hum your way through 2017 and you can’t do this with eating well. Once you feel better, have more energy, you can do more, achieve more and take on the world. All this comes from what we put into our bodies. Are you adding to your energy bank or withdrawing?

You have two homes – the Earth and your body: Take care of them xx

It is very hard to stay focused and on track with the way we want our lives to be if we constantly feel like we are existing, like we are just surviving. Day to day we live in the hamster wheel. The alarm goes off, we snooze, we snooze again (and maybe if your like a friend of mine you may hit this button another couple of times). You drag yourself out of bed, your mind is already running through all the things you need to do that day and the list is both uninspiring and exhausting. You head to the kitchen grab your cup of coffee and start your day.

Due to all that snoozing or maybe little people or maybe it’s something else you leave home without breakfast. On the way to work/the school run you stop and grab another coffee and because you missed breakfast you may grab a pastry or muffin or maybe a price of banana bread. 10am rolls around and you’re feeling flat. You need another coffee. Having not eaten well that morning I bet you’re a little peakish. You threw a piece of fruit into you bag on the way out the door this morning, you eat that. Or maybe you grab a couple of biscuits from the lunchroom.

Lunchtime comes and you head down to the local corner shop/food court to grab something. You haven’t really eaten all that much today so you feel you should grab a somewhat healthy lunch a sandwich or wrap and wash this down with something carbonated. 3:30-itis hits with vengeance, blood sugar is down and there is the thought of 2 more hours left of work and then the commute home, or the dinner to cook, or the kids to bath or all of the above. The only thing for it is chocolate! Dinner is something quick and easy, in a pan, out of a packet, washed down with one to many wines or beers because the day has been hell….

This actually isn’t how life should be. I do know this life. I used to live this life. Dragging myself out of bed. Constantly rushing. Energy coming in waves. Fueled by coffee and sugar. I used to wear my tiredness as a badge of honour. Clearly I’m so busy doing all this stuff I’m meant to be tired – right. Guess what it doesn’t have to be like this.

Nothing, nothing at all, can replace a real-food, wholefood, nutrient dense way of eating. Nothing. Dr Libby Weaver

There is no quick fix for this. No magic pill. It comes back to the very basic principle that you are what you eat. The nutrients (or lack of) is literally what makes you up. Each one of our cells are formed out of the food we put into our bodies. Put good quality nourishing food into your body and it will work better.

Start with nourishing your body as your number one priority. It is your responsibility to nourish your body. I know many of you may be thinking how can I do that when I don’t have the time. Well I know that this is a huge problem for many so I have created a free 7 day meal prep friendly meal plan that will help you get started. Click here and enter your email and it will be delivered to your inbox. It comes with simple, nourishing recipes and even has a shopping list. I want you get off that exhausted merry-go-round and start living. That starts with the very essence of you. It starts with nourishment. You will feel more empowered, more energised and you will want to keep improving!

The Nourishing Way